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APICS Operations management body of knowledge

Operations Strategy - External The focus of OP Strat in an ORG is to understand and achieve the ability to consistently deliver products and services to meet the customer's needs and the business' overall plans. Typical areas of focus include, quality, cost, flexibility, and speed.
Operations Strategy - Internal The OP strat need to correspond to the overall business strategy, especially as it relates to meeting CUST needs and the MKT DIR of producrement, conversion, and Dlv of products and services. Must be consistent with functional strat such as FIN and MKT
Transformation Processes - Definition Manufacturing, service, and supply chain transformation processes use resources to convert inputs into a desired output. Inputs can be a raw material, a customer, or a finished product from another system.
Transformation Process - Physical Manufacturing processes in which physical material is converted to finished products.
Transformation Process - Location Transportation from one place to another. Location transformations are common in supply chains and are also needed in factories and warehouses.
Transformation Process - Exchange In retailing, when the customer exchanges money for an item for sale
Transformation Process - Storage and redistribution Storing an item in a warehouse or distribution center to be made available for immediate delivery
Transformation Process - Physiological Example: in a hospital, taking sick patients as an input with the desired output being healthy patients
Transformation Process - Informational Where data are stored, transferred,analyzed, and made available for various useful purposes
Competitive Priorities (Focus) Op competitive priorities R often devised 2 create Adv in the MktPlc. These priorities R normally driven by Biz plan objectives and Cust Pref of Prod and Serv. Typically, the top drivers: Hi Q, Lo $,and Hi Cust serv thru ease, speed, and flexibility
Order winners and Qualifiers Order qualifiers are screening criteria that must be fulfilled b4 a comp Prod or Serv can even B considered possible candidate for Purch. Order Winner - Orders that have winning advantage and are actually winning the orders from the CUST
Activity-System Maps Diagrams showing how a company's strat is delivered through a set of tailored activities. The maps help the major operational processes of the Biz align w/ operational priorities. Competitive Adv stems from the way Comp activities reinforce one another
Operations Strategic Fit/Alignment with Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain The Biz plan is typically focused on financial objectives, market and product objectives, technology, and growth. Operations must align these goals with processes such as spd, flexi, $, and Q. Typically trade-offs must be considered.
Activity-System maps Diagrams showing how a company's strat is delivered thru a set of tailored activities. The maps help the major operational processes of the Biz align with the Op priorities. Competitive adv stems from the way comp. activities reinforce one another
Operations Strategic Fit/Alighment with Corporate Strategy and Supply chain Execution of OP strat is critical to fulfilling Biz goals. The Biz plan is typically focused on financial objectives, mkt and product objectives, technology, and growth. Ops must aligh these gaols with processes such as Spd, Flexi, $, and Q.
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