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Popejoy's Quizes

The principal organ of equilibrium is the... vestibular apparatus.
Selective deafness is also known as... functional deafness.
How many prongs does a tuning fork have? 2
Deafness is defined as: any reduction of hearing, no matter how slight.
The auditory ossicles are the... malleus, incus, and stapes.
The malleus can often be visualized behind the... tympanic membrane.
Another name for earwax is... cerumen.
The external ear is comprised of the... pinna and external auditory canal.
During a myringotomy, the ossicles should be passed off the field... at the end of the case.
The ossicles are not passed off the field until the end of the case because... they may be reused.
Stapedectomy is performed under... local anesthetic.
A Hough hoe is a type of... elevator.
Who must be certain the graft material, from a source other than the patient, has been secured in advance? STSR
Before passing the PE tube to the surgeon, the STSR should... stabilize the PE tube in the jaws of an alligator forcep, without touching it.
How many classifications of tympanoplasty are there? V
Which laser is especially useful in the middle ear for stapedectomy? Argon
During a tympanoplasty the surgeon begins with a large bur, and progressively changes to a smaller sizes... as the nerve is approached.
For procedures on pediatric patients, specialized anesthesia equipment is utilized, and the temperature of the OR may be... raised.
Is a myringotomy considered a sterile procedure? No.
The nasal septum is typically straight... at birth.
The tip of the nose is referred to as the... apex.
Patients should be forewarned that nasal packing will be inserted as... part of the procedure.
The sense of smell is called the... olfactory sense.
The sense of smell is processed in the olfactory cortex of the... temporal lobe.
Procedures performed through the nose are not considered... sterile procedures.
The main source of blood supply to the nose is the... internal maxillary artery.
Nasal polyps are usually diagnosed by... direct vision.
Does instrumentation for rhinoplasty differ from the instrumentation for internal nasal and sinus surgery? Yes.
Carcinoma, chronic infection, intractable picking, occupational chemical exposure, or substance abuse may cause... septal perforation.
What type of sinuses are located between the eyes, and have a honeycomb appearance? Ethmoid sinuses.
Internal nasal splints may be inserted and sutured in place for a... Septoplasty.
An incision along the inferior edge of the eyebrow, and along the anterior and lateral aspects of the nasal bone is used to drain... the frontal sinus.
Is nasal surgery considered sterile? No.
A Weder tongue blade has a heart-shaped end, and is used to retract the tongue... downward.
Procedures of the nose are most often done to... restore function.
What procedure is most often done to straighten a deviated nasal septum? SMR/Septoplasty.
The incision for a Caldwell-Luc procedure is through the... canine fossa.
The main advantage to sinus endoscopy is that the surgery can be focused on the area of concern without damage to... surrounding tissue.
The trachea is located anterior to the... esophagus.
Laryngitis is usually caused by... a virus.
Which tonsils are located within the folds of two bands of tissue that descend from the soft palate to the base of the tongue? Palatine tonsils.
The death rate for epiglottitis is... 20%.
An examination used to diagnose sleep
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