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Ch9 NCO2

Part 2

What is the primary purpose of an NCO? (211) To be a skilled technician in assigned specialty as well as bldging, preparing, and leading teams to accomplish the msn
Who are often in the best position to detect early indications of personal, financial, marital, alcohol/stress-related problems and are key to identifying, addressing/resolving them? (211) Supervisors
NCOs must meet all predeployment requirements if postured to deploy, along w/what else to ensure deployment readiness? (212) NCOs must educate/assist subordinates w/deployment preparation actions/correct counsel subordinates who do not meet deployment readiness standards
Responsibility/accountability increase commensurate w/what? (212) Grade
Within enlisted grades, NCOs take rank/precedence over all Amn and other NCOs according to ____. (212) Rank
If in the same rank, how is precedence determined? (212) DOR, TAFMSD, pay date, and DOB determine seniority
At a minimum, an NCO must provide career counseling to subordinates in conjunction w/FB counseling or when what? (213) An individual comes up for quality review under the selective reenlistment program
Can cc place NCOs who are lower in rank in charge of NCOs of the same grade? (213) yes
Explain why SNCOs should study their leader's decisions. (213) To understand their rationale/goals, so they can fully leverage their personal experience/knowledge to more effectively accomplish the msn
SNCOs can support the development of company grade officers by doing what? (214) Sharing knowledge/experience, when appropriate, to best meet the orgs chanllenges
How do SNCOs ensure money, facilities, and resources are utilized in and efficient/effective manner? (214) By planning resource utilization, replenishment, and budget allocation to ensure personnel are provided the equipment and resources needed to effectively accomplish the msn
MSgt selects should immediately enroll in and complete what? (214) Course 12 or 14 and SNCO PME Distance Learning Course
The AF ensures only the very best SNCOs are promoted to CMSgt. What do Chiefs bring to their org? (214-215) Substantial institutional, operational, and functional experience as well as strong leadership skills
Enlisted duty titles facilitate a quick understanding of a person's role/lvl of responsibility. Explain how they are assigned. (215) Based upon the scope of responsibility and the duties being performed
What rank must an amn be and what must he/she complete in order to earn the enlisted duty title "supervisor?" (214) At least a SrA, an ALS graduate, and supervise the work of others
What enlisted duty title is for those who are in charge of a work center or element,and has subordinate supervisors for whose primary duty is program or functional mngmnt? (215) NCOIC
For both the 2nd chief and flight chief, how is their rank determined? (215) Depends upon the size of the section
The sq superintendent is given to whom? (215) The enlisted leader of a squadron
Managers/Chiefs may be the enlisted leader of a ____, ____ or ____. (215-216) Branch, division, directorate
The 1st sgt is an expeditionary leader who works directly for and derives authority from the commander. What are the 1st sgt duties? (216) the cc's link for all matters concerning enlisted members; provides cc a msn-ready enlisted force; vital link between the cc, enlisted personnel, support agencies; remains vigilant for and move to resolve issues that would adversely impact Amn readiness
What distinguishes a 1st sgt on their uniform? (216) A diamond device on the chevron
How long is someone usually a 1st sgt? (216) 3 yrs, but has an option to remain for longer than 3 yrs
Only the most dedicated professional SNCOs are selected for service as 1st sgts. How are they picked? (216) Volunteered or selected thru the 1st Sgt Selection Program (FSSP)
___ are CMSgts who are the enlisted leaders at the group lvl. (216) Group superintendents
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