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Praxis I Reading

abhor To regard with honor
abstain To refrain by choice
abstract Not related to any object, theoretical
acquisition An addition to an established group or collection
admonish To correct firmly but kindly
adroit Skill or nimble in difficult circumstance
adversary A foe or enemy
advocate To speak for an idea; a person who peaks for an idea
aesthetic Pertaining to beauty
affective To do with the emotional or feeling aspect of learning
alias An assumed name
alleviate To reduce or make more bearable
allude To make an indirect reference to, hint at
ambiguous Open to many interpretations
apathy Absence of passion or emotion
apprehensive Fear or unease about possible outcomes
aptitude The ability to gain from a particular type of instruction
articulate To speak clearly and distinctly, present a point of view
assess To measure or determine an outcome or value
attest To affirm or certify
augment To increase or add to
belated Past time or tardy
benevolent Express goodwill or kindly feelings
biased A prejudiced view or action
bolster To shore up, support
candid Direct and outspoken
caricature Exaggerated, ludicrous, picture in words or a cartoon
carnivorous Flesh eating or predatory
censor A person who judges the morality of others; act on that judgment
censure Expression of disapproval, reprimand
cessation The act of ceasing or halting
chronic Continuing and constant
clandestine Concealed or secret
cogent Intellectually convincing
cognitive Relates to the intellectual area of learning
competency Demonstrated ability
complacent Unaware self-satisfaction
concept A generalization
congenital Existing at birth but nonhereditary
contemporaries belonging in the same time period, about the same age
contempt Feeling or showing disdain or scorn
contentious Argumentative
corroborate To make certain with other information, to confirm
credence Claim to acceptance or trustworthiness
cursory Surface, not in depth
daunt To intimidate with fear
debacle Disastrous collapse or rout
debilitate To make feeble
decadent Condition of decline/decay
deductive Learning that proceeds from general to specific
demographic Population data
denounce To condemn a person or idea
deter To prevent or stop an action, usually by some threat
diligent A persistent effort; a person who makes such an effort
discern To perceive or recognize, often by insight
discord Disagreement or disharmony
discriminate To distinguish among people or groups based on their characteristics
disdain To show or act with contempt
disseminate To send around, scatter
divergent Thinking that extends in many directions, is not focused
diverse Not uniform, varied
duress Coercion
eccentric Behaves unusually, different from the norm
eclectic Drawing from several ideas or practices
eloquent Vivid, articulate expression
emanate To flow out, come forth
embellish To make things seem more than they are
empirical From observation or experiment
employment A job or professional position (paid)
enduring Lasting over the long term
enhance To improve or build up
enigma A mystery or puzzle
equity Equal attention or treatment
equivocal Uncertain, capable or multiple interpretations
expedite To speed up, facilitate
exploit Take maximum advantage of, perhaps unethically
extrinsic Come from outside
farce A mockery
feign To pretend, make a false appearance of
fervent Marked by intense feeling
fiasco Total failure
formidable Difficult to surmount
fracas A noisy quarrel or a scrap
gamut Complete range or extent
glib Quickness suggesting insincerity
gravy Very serious or weighty
guile Cunning, craftiness, duplicity
handicapped Having one or more disabilities
harass Bother persistently
heterogenous A group with normal variation in ability or performance
homogenous A group with little variation in ability or performance
hypocrite One who feigns a virtuous character or belief
immune Protected or exempt from disease or harm
impartial Fair and objective
impasse Situation with no workable solution
impede To retard or obstruct
implicit Understood but not directly stated
indifferent Uncaring or apathetic
indigenous Native to an area
inductive Learning that proceeds from specific to general
inevitable Certain and unavoidable
infer To reach a conclusion not explicitly stated
inhibit To hold back or restrain
innovate To introduce something new or change established procedure
nullified Removed the importance of
objective Goal
oblivious Unaware and unmindful
obscure Vague, unclear, uncertain
ominous Threatening or menacing
palatable Agreeable, acceptable
panorama A comprehensive view or picture
pedagogy The science of teaching
perpetuate To continue or cause to be remembered
pompous Exaggerated self-importance
precarious Uncertain, beyond one's control
precedent An act or instance that sets the standard
preclude To act to make impossible or impracticable
precocious Very early development
prognosis A forecast or prediction
prolific Abundant producer
provoke To stir up or anger
psychomotor Relates to the motor skill area of learning
quagmire Predicament or difficult situation
qualm Feeling of doubt or misgiving
quandry A dilemma
quench To put out, satisfy
rancor Bitter continuing resentment
rationale The basis or reason for something
reciprocal Mutual interchange
refute To prove false
remedial Designed to compensate for learning deficits
reprove Criticize gently
repudiate To reject or disown
resolve To reach a definite conclusion
retrospect Contemplation of the past
revere To hold in the highest regard
sanction To issue authoritative approval or a penalty
scrutinize To inspect with great care
siblings Brothers or sisters
skeptical Doubting, questing the validity
solace Comfort in misfortune
solitude Being alone
stagnant Inert, contaminated
stereotype An oversimplified generalized view or belief
subsidy Financial assistance
subterfuge A deceptive strategy
subtle Faint, not easy to find or understand
superficial Surface, not profound
tacit Not spoken, inferred
taxonomy Classification of levels of thinking or organisms
tenacious Persistent and determined
tentative Unsure, uncertain
terminate To end, conclude
transition Passage from one activity to another
trepidation Apprehension, state of dread
trivial Unimportant, ordinary
ubiquitous Everywhere, omnipresent
ultimatum A final demand
usurp To wrongfully and forcefully seize and hold, particularly power
vacillate To swing indecisively
valid Logically correct
vehement Forceful, passionate
vestige A sign of something no longer there or existing
vicarious Experience through the activities or feelings of others
virulent Very poisonous or noxious
vital Important and essential
waffle To write or speak in a misleading way
wary Watchful, on guard
Xanadu An idyllic, perfect place
yearned Longed or hoped for
zeal Diligent devotion to a cause
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