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Part 1

Who is the backbone to the AF? (207) NCOs
Explain the essential purpose of an organized military force? (207) To defend the interests of the state, and force of arms if necessary
What are the 3 purposes of the enlisted force structure? (207) To provide an enlisted force structure that best meets msn requirements; a common, stable career structure for all enlisted personnel; all amn the opportunity for professional growth
In the Amn Tier, what are Amn initially focused on? (208) On adapting to the requirements of the mil profession, achieving tech proficiency, & learning how to be highly productive members of the AF
Once Amn are promoted to ___, they begin to exercise limited supervision and leadership as they prepare for increased responsibilities, while continuing to broaden their tech skills. (208 SrA
What tier consists of SSgt and TSgts who become expert hands-on technicians and also serve as first-line supervisors? (208) NCO
What are NCOs responsible for? (208) ensuring all team members work together to accomplish the msn, for trng and developing the Amn they supervise into the NCOs of the future, and to continue to develop their own leadership skills in preparation for increased responsibility
The ___ tier consists of MSgt, SMSgt, and CMSgt who are critical components of the AF's ability to project air power. (208) SNCO
What is the SNCO's primary focus? (208) Accomplishing the org's msn thru the skillful use of teams/concentrate on further developing their teams/people, both technically/professionally
What are the 3 leadership & development lvls in the AF? (208) Tactical, operational, and strategic
What ranks do the tactical lvl apply to? (208) ABs thru TSgts
Explain the primary focus at the tactical lvl. (208) Accomplishn all assigned work as efficiently as possible using personnel/resources available
What lvl do SNCOs transition from being expert techs and 1st-line supervisors to leaders w/broader operational leadership, supervisory, and managerial responsibilities? (208) Operational Lvl
What lvl(s) will the majority of the enlisted force spend their entire careers? (208) Tactical and Operational lvls
In the strategic lvl, CMSgts and a few other SNCOs serve in what positions? (209) Key leadership positions at the DoD, HQ AF, MAJCOM, direct reporting units (DRU), and selected agencies and HQs
In the strategic lvl, what is the primary focus? (209) The strategic leadership/mngmnt of the force to best meet current/future requirements
While striving for/maintaining the highest lvl of personal readiness to meet AEF msn requirements, Amn must be ready in what 5 way? (209-210) Technically, physically, mentally, spiritually, and to meet all predeployment requirements if postured to deploy
Amn must actively support the AF's policy of ___ for discrimination/sexual harassment. (210) zero tolerance
Who are primarily in a learning capacity/operate at the tactical lvl? (210) ABs
While still learning/adapting to the mil profession, who are expected to understand/conform to mil standards/customs/courtesies while demonstrating job proficiency at basic tasks? (210 Amn
What are A1Cs expected to do? (210) Devote their efforts to the mastery of skills while becoming effective team members
SrA commonly perform as what? (211) Skilled technicians/trainers
When may SrA serve as reporting officials? (211) Upon completion of ALS
Created by: hrod2222
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