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Combining Forms

abdomin/o abdomen
agglutin/o clumping
all/o other
ambul/o walking
amyl/o starch
antrhop/o man
antr/o antrum
aphth/o ulceration
apic/o apex
bi/o life
blast/o embryonic
bol/o lump
capit/o head
cellul/o cell
chlor/o chloride
chromat/o color
chym/o juice
con/o cone
contractur/o a pulling together
cord/o cord
corpor/o body
crur/o leg
electr/o eletricity
ferr/o iron
fibr/o fiber
fluor/o to flow
fornic/o fornix
fund/o fundus
gen/o origin
ger/o aging
goni/o angle
herni/o hernia
hiat/o an opening
hil/o hilum
hist/o tissue
humor/o liquid
iatr/o treatment
interstit/o; interstit/i space between
log/o study of
lumin/o ligth
lys/o dissolve
man/o scanty; hand
medull/o medulla
muc/o mucus
mut/a change
neutr/o neutral
nod/o knot
organ/o organ
osm/o sense of smell
paritet/o wall; outer edge
path/o disease
phe/o dark
phil/o attraction
phosph/o phosphorus
phosphat/o phosphorus
pigment/o paint
plas/o formation
plast/o formation
plic/o fold
pol/o pole; extreme
por/o passage
potassi/o potassium
pract/o manipulation
prax/o purposeful movement
press/o pressure
prosthes/o; prosthet/o addition
pseud/o false
pyr/o fire; fever
pyrex/o fever
rib/o ribose
sept/o partition; septum
somn/o sleep
son/o sound
sthen/o strength
stom/o opening
sympath/o; sympathet/o to feel with
system/o system
tel/e distant
therm/o heat; temperature
ton/o tension
top/o place
trabecul/o neck
trop/o turning
troph/o nourishment
umbilic/o umbilicus
vir/o virus
viscer/o organ; viscera
xen/o foreign
Created by: Alyssa Wagner