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PDG History

Part 1

In June 1907, what significant event led to the formation of the United States Air Force? (23) Corporal Edward Ward assigned to US Army Signal Corps, and Private Joseph E. Barrett were told by commanding officer to learn how to repair and inflate balloons.
In 1906, the Army purchased new military balloons because a specific event led to a "rebirth" of interest in aeronautics. Name the event and the two men involved. (23) Lieutenant Frank P. Lahm and Major Henry P. Hershey won the 1906 Gordon Bennett trophy by competing in the first international balloon race.
T/F. The Wright brothers flew the first airplane at Kitty Hawk N. Carolina in 1903. (23) True. The Wright Bro flew their heavier-than-air contraption at Kitty Hawk, N. Carolina in 1903.
What year and during which war did the Army first use balloon detachments? (24) 1861, during the Civil War
In 1861, who was the 1st freelance civilian to record the 1st successful and useful balloon reconnaissance msn for the Army? (24) John La Mountain.
Who 1st demonstrated that a balloon could effectively direct artillery fire by telegraph? (24) Thaddeus Lowe
Who built the balloon called the Santiago for use by the Signal Corps during the Spanish-American war? (24) William Ivy Baldwin and his wife built a 14K cubic ft silk balloon in 1896
Who was the Army's first enlisted pilot? (25) Private 1st Class Vernon Burge in 1912; He went on to receive his commission after the US formally declared war on the Central Powers
After the Signal Corps formally accepted Aeroplane No. 1 in the Fall of 1909, Who was put in charge of the "air force" that arrived at San Antonio in 1910? (25) Lt Benjamin D. Foulois; He taught himself to fly at Ft Sam Houston
Who was the first enlisted person to die in a mil acft accident? (26) Corporal Frank Scott in 1912; was crew chief flying as pax and pilot lost control
Activated on 5 Mar 1913, name the oldest sq. in the AF. (26) 1st Aero Sq. (Provisional)
What yr did Army aviation finally receive official status? (26) 1914
Name the "Father of Blind Flight." (27) Sgt William C. Ocker; flt-tested modified acft, served as flt instructor, hand-picked by Gen Billy Mitchell to scout various parcels for future airfields near the potomac river
Name the only African-American enlisted man to serve as a pilot on the American-manned Lafayette Escadrille in France Corporal Eugene Bullard; Known as "Black Swallow of Death" Only African-American man to serve as a pilot
The passing of this act no longger allowed enlisted men to fly. (28) The Flight Officer Act of 1942; automatically promoted Sgt pilots to flight officers; cockpit effectively reserved "for the commissioned"
1 of 4 enlisted personnel to be so honored, how was Sgt Fred C Graveline recognized for his service as an observer for both acft & balloon corps? (28) He received the Distinguished Service Cross as an observer and an aerial gunner; served as an observer & aerial gunner from 30 Sep - 5 Nov 1918 on 15 msns in the back seat of a DH-4
Army Reorganizationt Act of 1920. (28) made the air service an official combat arm of the Army
Although the Navy remained unconvinced about the vulnerability of its battleships, who tried to prove them otherwise? (27-29) Billy Mitchell in 1921
In 1923, whose "different" tactics resulted in a better way to score direct hits on various battleships? (29) Sgt Ulysses "Sam" Nero
In 1920, what act established the basic grade structure that the AF uses today? (29) The National Defense Act of 1920; full strength in the air service of 16K enlisted men, yet this figure was not reached until nearly 2 decades later
In Dec 1925, what House of Representatives committee proposed a unified/independent AF plus a DoD to coordinate the 3 armed services? (30) The House Lampert Committee
Created by: hrod2222
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