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venous review

review for vasc quiz on 11/27/06

Phlebitis: *Inflammation of a vein
Thrombophlebitis: *Venous inflammation with thrombus formation
Superficial Thrombophlebitis: *Inflammatory process that rarely extends into the deep system *Not bacterial in origin; possibly caused by trauma
Cellulitis: *Inflammation of cellular or connective tissue
Edema: *Condition where body tissue contains excess fluid *Most consistent sign of ↑ peripheral venous system pressures *↑ pressure prevents normal reabsorption of fluid
Pitting edema: *When manual pressure is applied to skin, the fluid is displaced leaving an indentation on the skin surface *May be 2° to fluid retention, renal dysfunction, CHF
Non-pitting edema: Tissue is so swollen that fluid cannot be displaced by manual pressure
DEFINE Acute Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT): Thrombus (blood clot) within deep veins of LE
Virchow’s Triad: *Trauma to the vessel *Venous stasis *Hypercoagulability
7 reasons for Venous stasis: *bed rest, *CHF, *COPD, *hypotension, *obesity, * MI, *previous DVT
3 causes of hypercoagulibilty: *Pregnancy, *Cancer, *Estrogen
4 Signs & Symptoms of Acute DVT: *Swelling, *Pain, *Erythema (redness of skin), *Warmth
5 Differential diagnoses that mimic symptoms of DVT: *Muscle strain/tear *Baker’s cyst *Cellulitis *CHF *Extrinsic compression
5 Signs & Symptoms of Chronic Venous Disease: *Swelling, *Pain, *Erythema, *Brawny discoloration, esp. in the gaiter zone (distal calf), *Ulcerations
Created by: lefut