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SAT Vocab Dum 12

SAT Vocabulary for Dummies - Chapter 12

aberration a departure or deviation from the norm
abjure to give up, renounce
abstemious moderate, temperate, especially in eating and drinking
acme the highest point, the peak
adjure to command solemnly, often under oath; to entreat or appeal to
Brobdingnagian a land inhabited by giants about 60 feet tall
candor fairness, honesty, or frankness
coeval all of the same age or period, contemporary
hackneyed overused or trite
halcyon happy, tranquil, or idyllic
inundate to flood or deluge; to overwhelm with a great amount of anything
noisome having a bad odor, foul-smelling, injurious to the health, harmful
noxious injurious, harmful to the health, or unwholesome
peregrinate to travel or walk
perfunctory done merely as form or routine; superficial
prolific fruitful, abounding,producing many/much
salubrious healthful, wholesome
serendipity luck or good fortune, especially in finding something accidentally
superfluous surplus, excessive
turpitude vileness, depravity
Created by: jerry.stillman