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A&P II midterm ?s

Nervous sytem endocrine system heart

In females, the luteinizing hormone (LH) stimulates _______, while in males, LH stimulates _______. ovulation; secretion of testosterone
The _____ secretes a hormone that increases the body's metabolic rate, promotes alertness, and quickens reflexes, and stimulates the fetal nervous system. thyroid gland
The spinal cord is divided into all of the following regions thoracic, cervical, sacral, and lumbar
Tissue macrophages develop from monocytes
a deficiency of circulating leukocytes is called leukopenia
Most strokes and heart attacks are caused by the abnormal clotting of bloods unbroken vessel. Moreover, a piece of the ___(clot) may break free and begin to travel in the bloodstream as a(n)____. thrombus;embolus
Blood does not produce plasma hormones.
The____ division tends to prepare the body for action. sympathetic
________ is not a steroid hormone. Insulin
The main reason why an individual AB, Rh-negative cannot donate blood to an individual with A, Rh-positive is because anti-B antibodies in the recipient will agglutinate RBC's of the donor.
_____ nerve fibers are those that innervate the skin and skeletal muscles. Somatic
The gray matter of the brain forms a surface layer called _____ and a deeper massive _____ surrounded by white matter. cortex; nuclei
If the ventral root of a spinal nerve were destroyed, a person would lose; both reflex activity and willed movement related to that pathway.
The ______ secretes several hormones that stimulate the development of lymph; and regulates development and activity of T-cells (white blood cells) thymus
Congestive heart failure can cause systemic edema.
Anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs are introduces into this space epidural
Many RBC's die in the spleen
The autonomic nervous system is also called the visceral motor division
Which of the following branches of the spinal nerve have somas of soley sensory neurons. posterior (dorsal) root
Conduction speed of a nerve fiber would be the fastest in a large myelinated fiber
Differential count of ____ typically increases in response to bacterial infections. neutrophils
Which of the following is not a leukocyte? neutrophil, eosinophil, lymphocyte, megakaryocyte megakaryocyte
The heart is found within the ____ cavity which is found within the____ cavity. mediastinal; thoracic
Erythrocytes transport oxygen and serve to transport carbon dioxide.
Infrasonic frequencies below___Hz and are not detected by the ear, whereas ultrasonic frequencies above__Hz are inaudible vibrations. 20;20,000
Diabetes mellitus is characterized by the following except? polydipsia, polyuria, hypoglycemia, glycosuria, polyphagia hypoglycemia
Many hours after a meal, alpha(a)cells in the pancreatic islets (islets of Langerhans) secrete glucagon, which rises blood glucose
Type AB blood has _____ RBC antigens A and B
Most of the myelin sheath is composed of lipids
The occipital lobe is the principal visual center of the brain.
An increased erythropoietin (EPO) output by the kidneys would not lead to increased hypoxemia
a cholinergic synapse employs ____ as its neurotransmitter. acetylcholine
The cerebrum and he cerebellum contain thick folds called_____ whose purpose is to _______. Gyri; increase surface area
_______ produce a feeling of well-being as opposed to depression. Serotonin
Loss of equilibrium and motor coordination would most likely be related with a lesion in the cerebellum
Parathyroid hormone is antagonized by calcitonin
This is the correct path of an electrical excitation from the pacemaker to a cardiocyte in the left ventricle. SA node--AV node--AV bundle--Purkinje fibers--cardiocyte in LV
Cerebral spinal fluid does not serve to help cool the brain.
The ____ secretes a hormone as a response to hypocalcemia. parathyroid glands
Two cranial nerves involved in taste are facial (VII) and glossopharyngeal (IX)
The function of the suspensory ligaments is to hold the eye in place
Pericardial fluid is found between the parietal and visceral membranes.
You are following the pathway of blood from the superior vena cava to the aorta What is the correct order of valves which the blood will pass? tricuspid, pulmonary, bicuspid, aortic
cerebrospinal fluid leaves the third ventricle of the brain by way of the cerebral aqueduct
This viral infestation can remain viable with the dorsal root ganglia for many years. Chickenpox
The cervical plexus gives origin to the _____ nerves phrenic
Which of the following is not a portion of the bony labyrinth in the inner ear? stapes, vestibule, semicircular canals, cochlea stapes
The Nissl bodies of a neuron consist of rough endoplasmic reticulum
The second heart sound (S2 dupp) is primarily caused by____. closure of semilunar valves.
There are ___ pairs of spinal nerves. 31
The neurohypophysis (posterior pituitary) secretes oxytocin
Absence of iodine in the diet leads to hypothyroidism
A patient is experiencing a high fever, stiff neck, drowsiness, and intense headache. The spinal tap shoed bacteria and WBCs in the CSF. The individual most likely has meningitis
___ are responsible for photopic (day) vision as well as trichromatic (color) vision. cones
The ____ secretes____, which promotes Na+ and water retention. adrenal cortex; aldosterone
Nerve fibers from all regions of the retina converge on the ____ and exit the eye by way of the optic nerve. blind spot
The autonomic nervous system controls all except? parotid salivary gland, skeletal muscle in the rectus abdominus, cardiac muscle in the right strium, smooth muscle in the aorta, adrena gland skeletal muscle in the rectus abdominis
Preganglionic fibers of the autonomic efferent pathway are ___ and secrete____. myelinated; ACh
The right ans left cerebral hemispheres are separated from each other by the longitudinal fissure
The hypophyseal portal system connects the arterior pituitary (adenohypophysis) with the hypothalamus
GH hypersecretion causes gigantism when it begins in childhood, but later it is more likely to cause acromegaly
A ganglion is a cluster of neurosomas in the PNS
The ____ is not a motor cranial nerve. (XI), (XII), (VI), (IV), (VIII) vestibulocochlear nerve (VIII)
Describe the order of a visceral reflex sensory receptor--afferent nerve fiber--interneuron--efferent nerve fiber--gland
Type A blood can safely donate RBCs to_______ and can recieve RBCs of type ______. AB;O
Spinal tap. Starting from outside the spinal cord, what would be the correct order of spaces and meninges through which the syringe would pass. epidural space, dura mater, arachnoid, subarachnoid space
Which of the following glands is located most inferiorly? adrenal, pineal, thymus, pituitary, thyroid adrenal gland
An individual has type B, RH-positive blood. The individual has ______ antigens and can produce anti-______ antibody B and O; A
An individual is feeling severe chest pain, which radiates to the neck, jaw, shoulder, and left arm. The individual is showing symptoms of myocardial infarction
_______ is the most superficial layer enclosing the heart. parietal pericardium
The upper motor neurons that control skeletal muscles begin with a soma in the precentral gyrus of the cerebrum
The volume of blood ejected by each ventricle in one minute is called cardiac output
Planning, motivation, and social judgment are function of the brain associated with the frontal lobe
The hearts normal _____ of 54% can rise to as high as 90% during strenuous exercise ejection fraction
The semicircular ducts are filled with endolymph
Myeloid hemopoiesis in adults happens in the red bone marrow
Serum is essentially identical to plasma except for the absence of fibrinogen
Which of the following fractures would be the least likely to cause a spinal cord injury? L4, T5, C2, C6, T12 L4
Most clotting factors are synthesized in the liver
Patient with the viral infection would have a high____ differential count, while the patient with parasitic infection would have a high____ differential count. lymphocyte; eosinophil
___________ carry oxygen-poor blood. Venae cavae and pulmonary arteries
The most abundant cell in the nervous system is the astrocyte
Nearly all the somatosensory input to the cerebrum passes by way of synapse the thalamus
The formed elements in the blood that have one nucleus or more are the ____ formed elements that have no nucleus are the______. leukocytes; erythrocytes and platelets
______ are examples of effectors of the nervous system. Glands
Oxygen-poor blood passes through the right AV ( tricuspid) valve and pulmonary valve
What makes a cell target of a particular hormone? the presence of a receptor for that particular hormone
Atrial depolarization begins during the P wave
The ventral root carries _____ neurons, while the dorsal root carries _____ neurons motor, sensory
These statements about diabetes mellitus (DM) are correct except both type I and type II DM are characterized by lack of, or low levels of, insulin
________ is the most abundant protein in plasma. Albumin
_____ are formed elements of the blood that are not and never were true cells. Platelets
The _______ is the pacemaker that initiates each heart beat. Sinoatrial (SA) node
Nonfluent aphasia, due to lesions in the _____, results in slow speech, difficulty choosing words, or use of words that only approximate the correct words. Broca area
The spinal cord ends at about which vertebra? L1
The universal donor is O, Rh-negative
The cardiovascular system refers to all of the below except one. The area the is not part of the cardiovascular system is the blood
The primary auditory cortex is located in the temporal lobe
When you view objects close to the eye, the eye makes an adjustment called accommodation
The lateral sulcus of the cerebrum separates the ____ from the _____. temporal lobe; parietal lobe
The thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamus are derivatives of the embryonic diencephalon
____ carry motor commands from the brain along the spinal cord. Descending tracts
These are the least abundant formed elements basophils
Any abnormal cardiac rhythm is called arrythmia
A reflex where the sensory input and motor output are on opposite sides of the spinal cord is called a _______ reflex arc. contralateral
The cardiac, vasomotor, and respiratory centers are found in the medulla oblongata
The bundle of nerve roots that occupy the vertebral canal from L2 to S5 is called the cauda equina
______ belong to the pulmonary circuit. Pulmonary arteries and pulmonary veins
Antidiuretic hormone (ADH) targets the kidneys
Parkinson disease is a progressive loss of motor function due to the degeneration of specific neurons. These neurons secrete an inhibitory neurotransmitter that prevents excessive activity in motor centers of the brain. This neurotransmitter is dopamine
which of the following structures is the richest in lipid content? white matter
This enzyme breaks down norepinephrine (NE) in nerve fibers monoamine oxidase
All these can cause Cushing syndrome except: ACTH hypersecretion by the pituitary, excess cortisol secretion, hyperactivity of the adrenal cortex, hyperactivity of the adrenal medulla, ACTH-secreting tumors hyperactivity of the adrenal medulla
Diabetes insipidus is caused by antidiuretic hormone (ADH) hyposecretion
____ form myelin in the spinal cord Oligodendrocytes
The cessation of bleeding is specifically called blood clotting (coagulation)
Tears are produced by the lacrimal glands
Describe the order of a somatic reflex somatic receptor--afferent nerve fiber--interneuron--efferent nerve fiber--skeletal muscle
Muscarinic receptors bind acetylcholine
The integrative function of the nervous system is associated especially with interneurons
The coronary artery receives blood from the ____, and the coronary vein empties blood into the ____. aorta; right atrium
Which of these is not part of the cardiac conduction system: Purkinje fibers, AV node, tendinous cords (TC), SA node, AV bundle(bundle of his) tendinous cords (TC)
Sex drive, body temperature, and food and water intake are regulated by the hypothalamus
The blood-brain barrier (BBB) is most permeable to glucose and oxygen
The tricuspid valve regulates the opening between The right atrium and right ventricle
True or false: Epidural space is filled with cerebbrospinal fluid False
True or false: Parasympathetic stimulation reduces heart rate True
True or False: Acetycholine (ACh) binds to both adrenergic and nicotinic receptors. False
True or False: A dermatone is a nerve innervating a specific region in the skin False
True or False: Ependymal cells line the inner cavities of the CNS True
True or False: The posterior chamber of the eye is filled with gelatinous vitreous humor True
True or False: Both the thymus and the pineal gland shrink after childhood True
True or False: Most nerves are motor nerves False
True or False: The deepest meninx is the pia mater True
True or False: The pulmonary circuit is supplied by both the right and left sides of the heart False
True Or False:Consensual light reflex refers to the fact that the lens causes light rays to convey toward the center of the retina False
True or False: The adrenal medulla is a modified sympathetic ganglion True
True or False: Hypoglycemic hormones are secreted in response to excessively low blood levels False
True or False: The ossicles belong to the middle ear True
True or False: An Rh- woman's second or third baby is more likely to have hemolytic disease of the newborn than her first baby True
True or False: Hormones are normally secreted via ducts into the bloodstream False
True or False: Somatic reflexes are responses of skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles. False
True or False: Since all athletes are in better condition, their hearts beat faster at rest. False
True or False: Growth hormone is no longer secreted after the epiphyseal plates close and growth of long bones ceases. False
True or False: Norepinephrine is a catecholamine. True
True or False: The vision association area resides primary in the temporal lobe. False
True or False: The production of red blood cells is stimulated by a hormone secreted by the blood marrow False
True or False: When a pregnant woman takes folic acid she decreases the chance that her baby will have spina bifida True
An organ is said to have dual innervation when it receives both ___and ___ fibers. sympathetic; parasympathetic
Contraction of any heart chamber is called ______. Systole
_____ is referred as the "salt retaining hormone" and helps correct low blood pressure. Aldosterone
Nervous tissue is composed of neurons and supporting cells called____ neuroglia
A persistent, resting heart rate in excess of 100 beats/minute is called _______. tachycardia
Difficulty producing intelligible speech due to brain injury is known as ______. aphasia
The percent of whole blood composed of eurythrocytes is known as _______. hematocrit
Paralysis of only one side of the body is known as _______. hemiplegia
The posterior pituitary gland secretes _______ and ______. oxytocin, antidiurectic hormone
The central nervous system consists of the _____ and ______. Brain; spinal cord
The cerebral cortex consists of folds of tissue called ______ seperated by grooves called ____. gyri; sulci
A _____ is a region of the skin that provides sensory input to a particular spinal nerve. dermatone
A blood clot that breaks free and travels in the blood stream is called an _______ embolism
The ventricles of the brain are filled with a liquid called _____. CSF cerebral spinal fluid
Nerve endings that respond to tissue damage and produce sensations of pain are called______. nociceptors
The sharpest or most detailed daytime vision occurs in a region of the retina called the ______. fovea centralis
______ meninx lies closest to the surrounding bone. dura mater
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