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Christianity- APE

Christianity- AP European History- 2011 Gilstrap Mid- Year Review

The Life Of Jesus -Published by David Freidrick Strauss(1808- 1874) -Questioned wether the Bible provided any genuine historical evidence about Jesus -Contended that the story of Jesus was a myth that arose from particular social and intellectual conditions of that time
Julius Wellhausen -(1844- 1918) -German scholar -Contended that human authors had written and revised the books of the Bible with the Jewish society and politics in mind
Ernst Renan -(1823- 1892) -French scholar -Believed that the Bibke was not and inspired book, but had been written by normal human beings in a primative society
William Robertson Smith -(1847- 1894) -English scholar -Questioned the Bible and caused many pther literate Europeans to loose faith in Christianity
Natural Theology -Published in 1802 -Published by William Paley (1743- 1805) -Scientific writing that undermined Christianity
Charles Lyell -(1797- 1875) -Geologist that suggested that the earth is much older than the Bible says -Looked for natural causes for natural disasters -Removed the hand of God from the physical develpoment ot the earth
Charles Darwin -(1809- 1882) -cast doubts on the Biblical Creation -suggested that the moral nature of humankind kind can be explained without the appeal of God
Friedridh Nietzsche -(1844- 1900) -German philosopher -portrayed Christianity as a religion that glorified weakness rather than stregnth
Education Act of 1807 -Great Britain -provided for state- supported schools run by elected school boards -new schools were built in places that weren't dominated by religion
Education Act of 1902 -Great Britain -Government provided state support for both religious and nonreligious schools -the same educational standards were imposed on each type of school
Falloux Law of 1850 -France -Local priest provides religious education in public schools
Jules Ferry -(1832- 1893) -French sponsor of educational laws that replaced religious instruction in the public schools with civic training -number of public schools was expanded and members of religious could no longer teach in them
Napoleanic Concordat -Terminated in 1905 -seperated church and state
"May Laws" of 1873 -Applied to Prussia, not all of German Empire -Required priests to be educated in German schools and pass state exams -state could veto appointments of priests -abolished the disiplinary power of the pope and church over the clergy, given to the state
Kulturkampf -1870s -"cultural struggle" -conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and the government of the German Empire
Attempt to Christianize Europe -last attempt: late 19th century -well organized, well planned, and well financed -para, it failed because the population of Europe had outstripped the resources of the churches
Pope Pius IX -ruled 1846-1878 -he was a liberal ponificate -vanished when he fled from the turmoil in Rome in November
Syllabus of Errors -Issued in 1864 by Pope Piusu IX -set the Catholic Church squarely against contemporary science, philosophy, and politics
Papal Infallibility -the doctrine that the pope is infallible when pronouncing officially in his capacity as head of the church on matters of faith and morals -enumerated by the First Vatican Council in 1870
Pope Leo XIII -(1878-1903) -succeeded Pius IX -sought to amke accomidations to the modern age and to address it's great social question -looked to the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas to reconcile claims of faith and reason
Rerum Novarum -Issued in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII -defended private property, religious education, and religious control of marriage laws -condemmed socialism and Marxism -declared that employers should treat their employees justly
Pope Pius X -(1903-1914) -hoped to resist modern thought amd restore religious devotional life -condemmed Catholic modernism -1910: required all priests to take an Anti- Modernist oath
Created by: aeerapeuro