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Abnormal Pap Smear

results and treatments

where does abnormal growth or dysplasia develop? in the 'transformation zone' of the cervix
what is happening in moderate dysplasia (CIN II)? the abnormal cells involve about one-half of the thickness of thte surface lining of the cervix
what is happening in moderate dysplasia (CIN III)? the entire thickness of cells is disordered, but the abnormal cells have not yet spread below the surface
is invasive cancer treated the same as dysplasia? no
is cervical dysplasia cancer or pre-cancerous lesions? pre-cancerous
what prevents dysplasia from progressing to cancer? frequent and regular follow up exams
what does ASCUS stand for? atypical cells of undetermined significance
what does '-plasia' mean? growth
what is the definition of cervical dysplasia? disordered growth of cervical cells
what is happening in mild dysplasia (CIN I)? only a few cells are abnormal
what is the definition of carcinoma-in-situ? cancer in place
what is the most important concept about dysplasia? it is limited to the 'skin' of the cervix and has not invaded the underlying tissues
which treatment looks at the cervix under magnification? colposcopy
which treatment involves 'freezing' of the cervix? cryotherapy
which treatment uses a light beam to vaporize the abnormal cells? laser treatment
which treatment uses a wire with electrical energy flowing through it to remove the abnormal area of the cervix? LEEP - or loop excision
which treatment removes a cylinder-shaped piece of the cervix? cone biopsy
which procedure has the lowest recurrence rate of dysplasia? hysterectomy
should you have a pap while on your period? no
when's the best time to schedule your pap smear? 10-20 days after the first day of your last period
Created by: jolivas