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Quiz #4

Clinical Procedures

The____portion of the cell surrounding the nucleus is the cytoplasm. Fluid
The____is the central structure of a cell that contains DNA and controls cell growth. nucleus
A chemical used to prevent deterioration of cells and tissues is a____. fixative
A buffer is a chemical substance that lessens the change in____of a solution when acid or base is added. pH
Blood cell production can be evaluated by examining______smears Bone marrow
After slides are cleaned and polished, they can be stored in 95%______until use. Methanol
A_____is an immature granulocyte with nonsegmented nucleus. band cell
A luekocyte containing dark staining granules in the cytoplasm is a _____. Basophil
An_____is leukocyte containing bright orange granules in the cytoplasm. eosinophil
A small leukocyte having a round or oval nucleus, basophilic cytoplasm, and plays a vital role in the immune process is called a_____. lymphocyte
A neutral-staining leukocyte, usually the first line of defense against infections, is called a_____. neutrophil
A______is a large bone marrow cell from which platelets are derived. megakaryocyte
A clear, membrane-bound compartment in cell cytoplasm is called a______. vacuole
An immature_____is also known as a band. neutrophil
_______is a marked variation in sizes of erythrocytes when observed on a peripheral blood smear. Anisocytosis
______describes red cells that have reduced color or hemoglobin content. Hypochromic
A determination of the relative numbers of each type of leukocyte in a stained blood smear is called the______. differential count
Poikilocytosis is a significant variation in the shape of____. RBCs
The five types of leukocytes, as well as erythrocytes and platelets, all originate from hemopoietic______. stem cells
An increase in lymphocytes and in "atypical" lymphs is found in the patient condition ______. mononucleosis infectious
Folic acid deficiency can cause____red blood cells. macrositic
A blast cell is an immature blood cell that is normally found only in the _____. bone marrow
_______is an abnormal increase in the number of eosinophils in the blood. eosinophilia
A shrunken red blood cell with scalloped or toothed margins is known as a _____cell. crenated
Vitamin____is essential to the proper maturation of blood nad other cells in the body. B12
A_______describes the appearance of an increased number of immature neutrophil forms in the peripheral blood. shift to the left
A reticulocyte is an immature erythrocyte that has retained___in the cytoplasm. RNA
A dye that stains living cells or tissues is a_____stain. supravital
An increase above the normal number of reticulocytes in the circultaing blood is called______. reticulocytosis
The number of reticulocytes divided by the number of red cells counted is expressed as the ______. precent reticulocytes
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