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social studies ch.21

what is progressivism??? political and social reform movements in the late 1800s and early 1900s came to be grouped under the label of this (progressivism)
muckraker the progressive movement was helped by a group of journalists, who tried to discover corruption in society
direct primary allowed voters to choose candidates for elected office.
what was the first state to have direct primary?? in 1903, Wisconsin became the 1st state to have direct primary
referendum allowed voters to directly propose and approve laws.
what was the Pendleton Civil Service Act? To limit the power of big business and regulate its activities.
how did Theodore Roosevelt use his power as president? Roosevelt used his power to promote a "square deal" for workers, consumers, and big business.
what were the 3 basic goals of progressivism????? ~to promote social welfare ~to expand democracy ~create economic reform
what was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act? To make it illegal for cooperations to gain control of industries by forming trusts
How did african americans view Roosevelts dinner with Booker T washington? A.A. viewed it as a great step toward racial equality.
Sixteenth Amendment gave the federal government the power to tax peoples incomes.
17th amendment expanded democracy by giving voters the right to directly elect senators.
William Howard Taft In just one term in office, taft pursued almost twice as many antitrust suits as Roosevelt had in 2 terms.
clayton antitrust act Prohibited monopolies and other business practices that lessened competition.
socialism a system in which the state controls the economy.
federal reserve act created a more flexible currency system by allowing banks to control the money supply.
who won the presidential election in 1912 ?????? Woodrow wilson
which progressive leader opened the Hull house in Chicago? Jane Addams
which 4 states allowed women to vote? ~wyoming ~Utah ~Idaho ~Colorado
!8th amendment banned the manufacture, sale, or transport of alcohol.
Hull house is an example of___________? settlement house
Created by: krissi
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