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chantels cards

sig codes

day or daily d
fives times a day f.i.d
every q
every morning qum
one time a day qd
every four hours q4h - Q4r
four times a day q.i.d QiD
every other day q.o.d
rectaly r, rec
solution sol
Immediately Stat, IMM
syrup syr
tablet; tablets tab, T, TS
table spoon tbsp- TBL
three times a day t.i.d
evening pm
every q;Q
capsule cap
blood sugar bs
blood pressure BP
bowel movement BM
acetaminophen apap
ampule amp
in the vagina vag
dispense as written DAW
morning AM
by mouth po
dispence disp
elixir elix
gram g or gm
a drop(S) gtt-GTS-GTS
hours h-hr-H
milligram mg
do not repeat non rep (NR)
milliliter ml
nausea & vomit n
number no-#
twice a day bid
nausea & vomiting n&v-NV
teaspoonful tea=TEA-Tes
suspension susp
suppository sup-sps
right ear a.d
left ear a.s
right eye q.d
left eye o.s
both eyes ou
swish and swallow sas
carbohydrate carb
orally, by mouth po
pediatric ped
magnesium oxide mgo-magox
intensive care unit ICU
injection ij
intramuscular IM
intarvenous IV
intravenous pibby back ivpb
pound Lb
electrocardiogram ecg-ekg
vomiting emesis
external ex
fluid ounce floz
ferous sulphate feso-4
fluid fl
hydrogen peroxide H2O2
to apply app
both noatril nu
before meal ac
before a
after p
one halph ss (s)
acetylsatic acid, aprin AsA
distilled water aq dist
at plasure ad lib
of each aa
until all taken TAT
use U
headache HA
generic GF
dissolve-tablets in water DIW
cough and congestion CNC
to the affected ear AA
milliequivalent meq
at bedtime hs-HS
grain gr
and et
cubic centimeter cc
one hundred c
cap c - cs
with c
may be repeated rept
without s
one-half ss S
directions sig
under the toungue sl, unt
under the skin SQ
no refill nr
magnesium mg
every hour ph
apply to affected area aaq
lotion lot
discontinue D/c dc
day d
with c
both ears au
nitroglycerin ntg
non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drud NSAID
nonsedating antihistamines NSAs
milk of magnesia mom
mechanism of action moa
concentration conc
central nervous system cns
metered dose inhaler mdi
maximum allowable cost mac
locally loc
long acting LA
potassium choloride KCI
potassium K
intravenous push IVP
intrauterine IU
inhalation IN
history HX
cream cr
drug of choice DOC
adverse drug affect ADE
generalized anxiety disorder Gad
gamma-aminobutyric acid Gaba
electroencephalogram eeg
double strength Ds
adverse drug reaction Adr
average wholesale price Awp
asprin ASA
birth control bc -Bcp
coronary artery disease cad
sufficient amount q.s
as needed p.r.n
after a meal p.c
after p
no refill nr
penicillin pcn
cubic centimeter or millilter ml - cc
water Aq
Created by: chantelmsilva
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