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AP II Saladin

Chapter 22 - The Respiratory System

This cartilage, seen more prominently in men than women, is part of the structural framework of the larynx and is called the Adam's Apple thyroid cartilage
Breathing in as much air as possible (after normal tidal expiration) is termed inspiratory capacity
Tachypnea refers to labored, gasping breathing
All of the following will promote oxygen unloading by increasing the synthesis of BPG except: ( calcium
Expanding the chest wall and lowering the diaphragm will cause inspiration True
Opening and closing of the vestibular folds of the larynx occurs during speech False
The main direct stimulus to pulmonary ventilation is H+ in the cerebrospinal fluid, not the concentration of CO2 in the blood True
The lateral wall of the nasal fossa has three bony projections called the nasal conchae.
The nasopharynx is lined with _____________ epithelium, while the oropharynx is lined with ____________ epithelium. pseudostratified, stratified squamous
The Adam's apple is part of which laryngeal cartilage The Adam's apple is part of the thyroid cartilage.
Complete cartilagenous rings support the trachea, keeping the airway open. False
Which of the following is not part of the left lung middle lobe; The left lung has only two lobes to accommodate the heart.
The smallest inhaled particles are trapped by alveolar macrophages.
Visceral pleura covers the surface of the lungs True
If the intrapulmonary pressure drops, exhalation will occur False
In cool weather, our respiratory system warms the inhaled air, increasing its volume and helping to inflate the lungs. True
Expiration requires more energy than required by inspiration. False
Which of the following does not cause an increased resistance to airflow? epinephrine
Surfactant increases surface tension in the alveoli. False
Anatomic dead space plus the nonfunctional alveolar space equals the physiologic dead space. True
The vital capacity of the lungs equals the total lung capacity minus tidal volume False
Which of the following is not part of the medulla oblongata? The pneumotaxic center is located in the pons.
The respiratory centers receive afferent input from the A) blood chemoreceptors. B) limbic system. C) vagus nerve.
Since 1 atmosphere of pressure equals 760 mmHg, which gas has a partial pressure of about 160 mmHg in inspired air? Oxygen is 20.84% of inspired air, so PO2 = 20.84% x 760 mmHg = 158.38 mmHg
The transport of CO2 in the blood occurs chiefly in which of the following forms? carbonic acid (or bicarbonate and hydrogen ions)
Which of the following is not an important factor in adjusting the amount of oxygen delivered to tissues? carbonic anhydrase
The primary factor affecting chemoreceptors of blood gases is pH
Blood levels of CO2 are directly proportional to H+ levels because of the carbonic acid reaction True
Hypoxia caused by inadequate gas exchange is classified as hypoxemic hypoxia.
Decreased bronchial ciliary action, increased mucus production, alveolar macrophage disruption, chronic infection, emphysema, and cancer are all associated with smoking. True
This is the most correct sequence of air passage from the nose to the alveoli: nasopharynx > larynx > trachea > bronchia > bronchiole
Surfactant is secreted in the: alveoli
which best describes the function of the cartilaginous rings? keep airway open during inhalation
Pleural fluid is important for all of these reasons except: reduces cohesion of water molecules
As the thoracic cavity expands, the: intrapleural pressure falls
All of the following factors could produce bronchoconstriction except epinephrine
Normal, resting breaths are called: tidal volume
Falling blood pH would have what affect on respiration normally? hyperventilation
All of the following factors will cause the oxyhemoglobin dissociation curve to be lower except lower carbon dioxide concentrations
In this condition, the walls of the alveoli are destroyed, leading to a lower surface area for respiration emphysema
The most common lung cancer (characterized by keratin tissue replacing lung tissue) is squamous cell carcinoma.
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