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H.A. 3

Integumentary System

What is the largest organ in the body? Skin
What are the two layers of the skin? Epidermis and dermis
Epidermis out layer that is composed of stratified squamous epithelium
Dermis Inner layer that is thicker than the epidermis
What separates the two layers of the skin? a basement membrane
What is the layer below the dermis that contains loose connective tissue and adipose tissue? Subcutaneous Layer
What does the subcutaneous layer do? binds the skin to underlying organs.
What are the characteristics of skin? protective covering, prevents water loss, houses sensory receptors, synthesizes chemicals, excretes some waste, and helps regulate body temperature.
Which layer of the skin lacks blood vessels? Epidermis
Which layer of the epidermis lies closest to the dermis with cells that are nourished by blood vessels. Stratum basale
Where do the cells in the stratum basale go when they grow and divide? Skin surface
What do the cells of the epidermis do when they die and what layer do they form? Filled with keratin and form the stratum corneum.
What specialized cells in the epidermis produce the pigment melanin? Melanocytes
Why are some people darker than others? The melanocytes in their skin produce more melanin
What layer of the skin is composed largely of dense connective tissue mainly collagenous and elastic fibers? Dermis
What does the dermis bind to underlying tissue? Epidermis
What kind of fibers are scattered throughout the dermis? Nerve fibers
The dermis contains hair follicles and what two glands? Sebaceous and sweat glands.
The subcutaneous layer is also called the? Hypodermis
This layer contains what? Major blood vessels
On what skin surfaces is hair not present? Palms, soles, nipples ,and external reproductive parts.
Hair follicle A group of epidermal cells that from at the base of a tube-like depression
Sebaceous glands are what kind of gland? Exocrine
What does a sebaceous gland secrete? sebum
What does sebum do to the hair? keeps it soft, pliable, and waterproof.
What kinds of tissue are nails made of? Keratinized stratified squamous epithilial.
What is the name of the half white moon-shaped area at the based of the nail? Lanula
What is the lanula? The most active growing region
What is the most numerous sweat gland in the skin? Eccrine gland
What do the Eccrine glands respond to? Body temperature
What is sweat secreted into? Pore
What sweat glands are activiated by emtional upset or fear? Aprocrine Glands
What gland secrete ear wax? Ceruminous Glands
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