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AP II Saladin

The Lymphatic and Immune Systems Quiz

These structures filter lymph fluid that is carried in the lymphatic vessels lymph nodes
Which of the following cells does not have phagocytic capability? basophils
Antibodies use all of the following mechanisms to attack pathogens directly except cell lysis
Receiving gamma globulin as a treatment for rabies would be considered an example of artificial passive immunity
Natural killer cells function by lysing foreign pathogens False
In most cases, when an infection occurs, the accompanying fever is harmful and should be treated with aspirin or ibuprofen immediately. False
The HIV virus survives poorly outside the human body. True
Lymphatic vessels transport dietary lipids, tissue fluids, plasma proteins, and lymphocytes True
Lymphatic capillaries fill when tissue fluid pressure is high.
Lymphatic vessels have valves True
Which of the following structures is enclosed within a fibrous capsule? lymph node
Which of the following is not a function of the spleen? development site for T lymphocytes
Which of the following inhibitors of microbial growth is a component of the perspiration on our skin? lactic acid
Which type of white blood cell secretes the anticoagulant heparin? basophil
The four major signs of an inflammation include all of the following except odor.
Histamine, bradykinin, and leukotrienes stimulate vasodilation and increased blood flow. True
Which of the following terms means to coat bacteria, making them easier to phagocytize by macrophages and neutrophils? opsonization
If you have an immunological memory of a disease, a second exposure to the same pathogen will cause no noticeable illness. True
There are five classes of antibodies. Which one can cross the placenta to provide immunological protection for the newborn? IgG
A virgin lymphocyte pool is a clone of B cells that have not yet been exposed to the antigens that they are "programmed" to recognize. False
B cells that have taken in a large antigen must be stimulated by a helper T cell before they can react to that antigen. True
Antibodies do not destroy antigens directly. True
The antibody type created during the quicker secondary response is mainly IgG. True
Helper T cells are also known as CD8 or T8 cells. False
Cytotoxic T cells directly attack and kill all of the following except Cytotoxic T cells respond to abnormal body cells, not to free bacteria.
An injection of gamma globulin is an example of which of the following classes of immunity? Artificial passive immunity is produced by an injection of gamma globulin.
Epinephrine Epinephrine, not acetylcholine, dilates bronchioles and increases cardiac output.
Which of the four classes of hypersensitivity is a cellular immune response, and not a humoral immune response? Type IV is a cellular immune response.
The human immunodeficiency virus can be transmitted from person to person by all of the following means except by donating blood at the Red Cross.
Outside the body, HIV is easily destroyed by disinfectants such as bleach, Lysol, and rubbing alcohol True
Lymph flows primarily because of this force: contractions of the vessels
All of the following are functions of the spleen except: produces bile
This type of leukocyte produces enzymes that will create hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria: neutrophils
This type of macrophage lines the sinusoids of the liver: hepatic macrophages
Which of the following increases vasodilation? histamine
When a white blood cell manages to ooze through the gap between two endothelial cells on its way to attack an invader, we say it has exhibited diapedesis
Interferons have this function: stimulate neighboring cells to produce antiviral proteins
If you were inoculated with hepatitis A vaccine, a population of this type of cell would begin to make the appropriate antibody: B lymphocytes
Infected cells of the pancreas would display a foreign antigen fragment on a/an MHC I
These cells recognize non-self antigens and produce lymphokines to stimulate the cells that actually make the antibodies: helper T
Which of the following attacks a virus-infected cell by secreting perforin? cytotoxic T
HIV attaches to the CD-4 membrane protein of these cells: helper T
Created by: littlemina74