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A&P 2

Plasma is about 45% of the total blood volume. true or false false
Males have more RBCs than females. true or false true
The color of feces is likely to be directly related to hemoglobin metabolism. true or false true
All WBCs retain their nucleus throughout the life of the cell. true or false true
Monocytes become macrophages as they leave the blood and enter tissue spaces. true or false true
It is more likely to find smaller RBC in urine than the larger leukocytes. true or false false
Patients with leukemia often suffer clotting abnormalities and internal bleeding. true or false true
The average amount of blood in an adult is __L. 5
The percentage of packed RBC volume in whole blood is called ______. hematocrit
The buffy coat evidenced by seperating bloodf cells comprised of _______. platelets and leukocytes
Which blood components transport most of the gases? erythrocytes
Which cell has no nucleus when it is mature? erythrocyte
Which of these factors will increase the RBC or RCC? exercise, dieting, low body temperature, decreased altitudes exercise
Damaged or old RBCs are removed by the liver and _____? spleen
Which of the following does not belong with the others? heme, globin, bilirubin, biliverdin globin
Iron is stored in the liver in the form of _____? ferritin
Which of these is the earliest of this cell ine of blood cells? reticulocyte, erythrocyte, erythroblast, hemocytoblast hemocytoblast
RBCs live around ______ before they disintegrate. 120 days
Which organ has a primary role in stimulating blood cell formation? kidney
What is the main site of erythrocyte production in the fetus? lliver
Which of the following is a young patelet? megakaryoblast
Which of these do not develope from a myeoblast? basophil, monocyte, eosinophil, neutrophil monocyte
Which of he following is least essential for erythrocyte developmet? vitamin B12, vitamin B6, folic acid, gastric instinsic factor vitamin B6
Which of the following is an agranulocyte? neutrophil, monocyte, basophil, eosinophil monocyte
Which condition is characterized by an abnormal increase in RBC count? polycythemia
Which condition is caused by a deficiency of vitmin B12? pernicious anemia
Which cells are also called polymorphonuclear leukocytes? neutrophils
Which cells are the rarest leukocytes? basophils
Which WBCs are the most common? neutrophils
Which leukocytes are the largest in the peripheral blood? monocytes
Which leukpcytes does not have phagocytic properties? lymphocytes
Which of the following is a probable cause of leukocytosis? mumps, chickenpox, influenza, appendicitis appendicitis
The ability termed ______ explains how a white blood cell could be found in the urine. diapedesis
The ______ cells are actively involved with allegies. eosinophils
The _____ cells are the usual sources of heparin. basophils
Which cells release antibodies into the circulation? lymphocytes
What is the most common cancerous condition in children? acute lymphoid 1
Myeloid leukemia(1) can be evidenced by and increase in _____. neutrophil
What is normal platelet count? 200,000 per cubic mm
Which components are the source of serotonin which causes smooth muscle cells to contract? platelets
What is the most common component in the plasma? water
Which is the most abundant of the plasma proteins? albumin
What is the most significant factor that helps maintain blood osmotic pressure? albumin
Which proteins are the source of most antibodies? gamma globulins
Which protein functions in coagulation? fibrinogen
Which organ has the greatest role in synthesizing most blood nutrients? liver
Which of these is mainly comprised of tryglycerids? chylomicron
Which of these has the highest proportion of protein? chylomicron, VLDL, LDL, HDL HDL
Which lipoprotein has the highest pecentage of cholesterol? LDL
During protein catabolism, _____ is produced as an end product by the liver. urea
Which factor promotes the apperance of the platelet plug? collagen
Which chemical initiates the extensic phase of clotting? thromboplastin
Which of the following is not always present in the blood? thrombin
Which is the last molecule to appear in a clotting reaction? fibrin
Which of these can dissolve a blood clot? plasmin
Which of these is a procoagulant? vitamin K
Which is the rarest ABO blood type? AB
Who is at risk for causing a fatal Rh incompatibility? second Rh+ fetus of Rh mother
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