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Ch 13

A&P 2

Is it possible to find all the hormones in a blood sample taken from the arm. true or false true
Steroids excert their effects by increasing the amount of cAMP in the target cells. true or false false
Hormones do not stimulate all cell types with equal probability. true or false true
All hormones secreted by the pituitary actually came from the hypothalmus. true or false false
Diabetes insipidus results from an excess production of ADH false
High levels of TSH would suppress thyroxine by negative feedback false
The cells that are stimulated by hormones are referred to as receptors. true or false false
An organ can belong to the digestive and endocrine system simultaneously. true oir false true
Hormones secreted by the adrenal gland can have direct neurological effects. true or false. true
Oxytocin is a peptide hormone secreted by the posterior pituitary. true or false true
Thyroxine is a thyroid hormone also called T3. true or false false
Steroid hormones have their effect on the nucleus and genes of a target cell. true or false true
Non-steroid hormones are called second messengers because they influence the binding site first and the activity site second. true or false false
Different protein kinases, enzymes, stimulate cells to increase their metabolic activities. true or false true
Cyclic guanosine monophosphate is an enzyme which causes the target effects seen with some hormones. true or false false
Prostaglandins are considered hormones, which are stored within cells and released on demand. true or false false
Prostaglandins are known to cause the smooth muscle of the uterus or intestines to contract. true or false true
The levels of insulin in the blood are maintained at constanst, stable, and homeostatic levels. true or false false
The pituitary and andrenal gland can be controlled by the direct influence of the nervous system. true or false true
The pituitary is located within the sella turica of the ethmoid bone, and is attached to the thalamus by the infundibulum. true or false false
As blood levels of the thyroid hormones increase, the secretions of TRH and TSH are reduced. true or false true
Alcohol is known to be a potent anit-aintidiuretic. true or false true
The hypothalmus has chemoreceptors, which are sensitive to changes in blood concentration. true or false true
Diabetes insipidus is a condition that results in edema and swelling because of an excess of ADH. true or false false
Cretinism, a condition of physical and mental retardation, is the result of thyroxine deficiency of. true or false true
In endemic goiter, it is possible to have high levels of TSH but a decrease in the levels oh thyroxine. true or false true
In Grave's disease, thyroxine production can be increased by TSH or autoantibodies that bind to the same receptors of TSH. tgrueor false true
A pheochromocytoma is a tumor of the adrenal cortex which raises blood pressure. true or false false
Male sex hormone can be produced by the testes or adrenal glands. true or false true
Cortisone can either cause or inhibit inflammation. true or false true
The pancreas is an endocrine and exocrine gland that secrets insuline from the alpha cells. true or false false
Cancer cells can produce hormones that affect blood sugar and blood calcium levels. true or false true
Circadian rhythms are those that involve fluctuations that usually last several days. true or false false
Prostaglandins are ______ substances that regulate neighboring cells. paracine
Cyclic AMP functions as a(n) ______ for ______ hormones. [MR-rmembrane receptor] second messanger; nonsteroid
Body uses what to regulate its hormonal releases? negative feedback, direct nervous stimulation, release of tropis hormones
Where are the posterior pituitary hormones manufactued? in the neurosecretory cells that originte in the hypothalamus
There are several types of cells in the anterior pituitary. Which one secret growth hormone? somatotropes
Which anterior pituitary hormone shows increased secretion in response to stress? adrenocorticotropic hormone
Drinking alcohol beverages on hot days is not safe because alcohol inhibits the release of _______ which normally helps conserve water during dehydration. antidiuretic hormone
The thyroid hormones (TH) are responsible for regulating metabolic rate and Ca++ and phosphate ion concentration in the blood. Which TH lowers their concentration in the blood? calcitonin
Hypothyroidism in infants can result in ____? cretinism
The hormone ______, which is secreted by te adrenal _______, causes the kidney to conserve sodium and excrete potassium ions and indirectly helps to maintain systemic blood pressure. aldosterone; cortex
Sex hormones are secreted by ________. the inner cortex o the adrenal cortex and gonads
In the pancreas, ______ cells secrete insulin, which _______ blood levels of glucose. beta; lowers
What seems to be the cause of juvenile-onset or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)? immune cells attack the pancreas that can then no longer produce insulin
The endocrine gland responsible for the body's circaium rhythm is ______. pineal
Endocrine properties include: hormone reach targets through the blood, effects are slow and cyclic, efforts caused by chemicals
Which of these does not belong with the other? protein, peptide, amino acid, steroid steroid
In the "second messenger" theory, which is the first messenger? enzyme
Which of these is not an endocrine gland? pancreas, testes, salivary gland, parathyroid salivary gland
What are a few funcions of the hypothalamus? affect heart rate, control temperature, affect water balance
What hormone is made by the posterior pituitary? ADH
Which hormone directly affects blood perssure? ADH
The hormone _____ causes the contractions of labor. oxytocin
Which hormone has the greatest influenc on the ability to secrete milk? prolactin
Which hormone causes excessive skeletal growth or gigantism? somatrotropin
Which of these does not directly stimulate the gonands? FSH, TSH, LH, ICSH TSH
Which hormone has the greates effect on metabolism? (T4) Thyroxine
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