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Chapter one-cierrad

marieb 9th edition

Two body cavities dorsal and ventral
organs in the dorsal cavity brain, spinal cord
thoracic cavity contains? lungs, heart, trachea, esophagus
what seperates the abdominal cavity from the pelvic cavity there is no barrier
what does the pelvic cavity contain ther urinary and genital structures
who is commmonly afftected by gallbladder disease fat female forty
transver section horizontal plane separates the body into upper and lower portions
sagittal section a plane from front to back that separates the body
frontal sectioin plane from side to side that separats the body into front to back
plane imaginary flat surface that separates 2 portion of the body
lateral structure further away from the midline of the body
frontal inbetween eyebrows
orbital eyes
nasal nose
buccal cheek bones
oral mouth
sternal sternum
acromial top of shoulder
deltoid shoulder
brachial top of arm above elbow
antercubital elbow bend inside
antebrachial forearm
patellar knee
crural shin
fibular calf
tarsal ankle
olecranal elbow (back)
popliteal back of knee
calcaneal heal
plantar bottom of foot
scapular shoulder blades
vertebral spine
sacral tail bone
gluteal buttock
cervical regional term referring to the neck
superficial external
palmar anterior or ventral surface of the hands
ventral cavity consists of two compartments thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity
thoracic cavity heart and lungs
sectioned way to make particular sutures easiliy visible
what are 3 organs found in the superior abdominal regions liver gallbladder epigastric stomach pancreas spleen
3 organs in the inferior abdominal erions cecum bladder rectum initila part inferior part of descending colon
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