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Abbreviations 3rd grading period:Brittany Benning

C- Celsius
cc- cubic centimeter
cm- centimeter
dL- deciliter
F- Fahrenheit
g- gram
kg- kilogram
L- liter
l- length
lb- pound
m- meter
mg- microgram
ml- milliliter
mm- millimeter
oz- ounce
pt- pint
qt- quart
ss- one half
T- tablespoon
tsp- teaspoon
Dx- diagnosis
H/O- history of
H history and physical
Hx- history
MHx- medical history
PE or Px- physical examination
prog- prognosis
Sx- symptoms
Tx- treatment
BPH- benign prostatic hypertrophy
CA- cancer
CAD- coronary artery disease
CHF- congestive heart failure
COPD- chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CRC- colorectal cancer
CVA- cerebrovascular accident
DM- diabetes mellitus
Fe def- iron deficiency
GC- gonorrhea
GDM- gestational diabetes mellitus
HTTN- hypertension
IBS- irritable bowel syndrome
MI- myocardial infarction
MS- multiple sclerosis
OA- osteoarthritis
OM- otitis media
PID- pelvic inflammatory disease
RA- rheumatoid
RF- rheumatic fever
STD- sexually transmitted disease
TB- tuberculosis
URI- upper respiratory infection
USI- urinary stress incontinence
UTI- urinary tract infection
CT,CAT- Computed axial tomography.
CXR- Chest x-ray.
ECG- electrocardiogram.
Echo- Echocardiogram.
EEG- Electroencephalogram.
FOBT- fecal occult blood test.
IVP- intravenous pyelogram.
LP- lumbar puncture.
MRI- magnetic resonance imaging.
NST- nonstress test
PFT- pulmonary function test
TRUS- transrectal ultrasound
US- ultrasound
BG- blood glucose
Bx- biopsy
Created by: brittanybenning