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Functions of skin separates body from external envionment and prevents entry of harmful subtances
Outer layer of skin (matching) Epidermis
Inner layer of skin (matching) Dermis
Epidermis is subdivided into what 2 layers Stratum germinativum and stratum corneum
stratum corneum is a barrier that provides what 2 generalized things from getting into the body pathogens & chemicals
layer of skin that connects tissue to muscle or fat (matching) Subcutaneous
epidermis is divided in 2 layers, in whiich layer does mitosis take place (cell division) stratum germinativum
the protein in your epidermal cells that makes your skin basically waterproof is called keratin
the tissue that stores fat in the subcutaneous area is called adipose
melanocytes produce a protein that gives pigment - what is this protein called melanin
what cells are found in the epidermis that phagocytize pathogens langerhans
merkel cells which are found in which stratum layer are receptors for what sense stratum germ layer - touch
you have 2 kinds of nerve endings - free nerve endings and encapsulated nerve endings - free nerve endings feel what 3 sensations heat, pain & cold
in encapsulated you feel what 2 sensations touch & pressure
what protein makes up the cells for fingernails and toenails keratin
what secretion keeps your skin & hair from getting too dry sebum
fibroblasts (match to description) cells that produce collagen & elastin
collagen fibers (match to description) protein fibers which give your dermis strength
elastin fibers (match to description) protein which gives your dermis elasticity
papillary layer (match to description) contains papillaries for nourishment
sebaceous glands (match to description) produce sebum
eccrine sweat glands (match to description) produce secretion during exercise or warm environments
apocrine sweat glands (match to description) produce secretion in times of stress or emotion
ceruminous glands (match to description) produce ear wax
Vit D is formed in the skin when the skin is exposed to what sunlight (UVB rays)
malignant melanoma has a description of A, B, C, D which stand for (give a brief description)
A assemytry of edges or borders (uneven)
B borders are uneven
C color is uneven
D diameter - greater than 6 millimeters
what smooth muscle causes goosebumps pilomotors
what bacteria organsism causes folliculitis staph aureus
a vessicle can also be called a common blister
describe a comedone pimple
what is a macule a small, flat lesion that is a different color (ex. flat mole)
what is a papule a small, raised lesion that is a different color (ex. raised mole)
what is a verrucae wart
what is paronychia infected skin around the nail
what is pediculosis lice
what herpes virus causes shingles varicella zoster
describe (including visual appearance) urticaria hives - raised red wheal
tinea capitis (matching) scalp
tinea corporis (matching) body (ringworm)
tinea unguimum (matching) nails
tinea pedis (matching) feet (athletes foot)
tinea cruris (matching) groin (jock itch)
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