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Medical Term

chapters 9-12

Acid(o) Acid
Alkal(o) Alkaline/base
alveoli(o) Alveoli
anthrac(o) Coal
Atel(o) Imperfect
Bronch(o) Bronchi
Bronchiol(o) Bronchioles
Coni(o) Dust
Embol(o) Embolus
epiglott(o) Epiglottis
Fibr(o) Fiber/fibrous
Lob(o) Lobe
Nas(o) Nose
Rhin(o) Nose
Laryng(o) Larynx
Ox(o) Oxygen
Palat(o) Palate
Pharyng(o) Pharynx
Phas(o) Speech
Phon(o) Voice
Phren(o) Diaphragm/mind
Pleur(o) Pleura
Pneum(o) Lungs/air
Pneumon(o) Lungs
Pulm(o) Lungs
Pulmon(o) Lungs
Spir(o) To breathe
Thorac(o) Chest
Thromb(o) Thrombus
Trache(o) Trachea
Meta- Change/next (as in a series)
-ation Process
-capnia Carbon dioxide
-pnea Breathing
-ptosis Prolapse
-ptysis Spitting
-stenosis Narrowing
Amyl(o) Starch
An(o) Anus
Append(o) Appendix
Appendic(o) Appendix
Bil(i) Bile/gall
Bucc(o) Cheek
Cheil(o) Lip
Chol(e) Bile/gall
Cholecyst(o) Gall bladder
Choledoch(o) Common bile duct
Col(o) Large intestine
Colon(o) Large intestine
Dent(i) Teeth
Dent(o) Teeth
Divertcul(o) Diverticula
Duoden(o) Duodenum
Enter(o) Small intestines
Esophag(o) Esophagus
Gastr(o) Stomach
Gingiv(o) Gums
Gloss(o) Tongue
Glyc(o) Sugar
Hepat(o) Liver
Ile(o) Ilium
Jejun(o) Jejunum
Lact(o) Milk
Lip(o) Fat
Lingu(o) Tongue
Mandibul(o) Mandible
Odont(o) Teeth
Or(o) Mouth
Palat(o) Palate
Pancreat(o) Pancreas
proct(o) Anus/rectum
Prote(o) Protein
Pylor(o) Pylorus
Rect(o) Rectum
Stomat(o) Mouth
Sialaden(o) Salivary glands
Sial(o) Salivary glands/saliva
Sigmoid(o) Sigmoid colon
Vag(o) Vagus nerve
Peri- Around
-dipsia Thirsty
-orexia Appetite
-pepsia Digestion
-stalsis Contraction
Maxill(o) Maxilla
Pharyng(o) Pharynx
Albumin(o) Albumin
Cyst(o) Bladder (cyst/fluid filled sac)
Glomerul(o) Glomerulus
Glyc(o) Sugar
Glycos(o) Sugar
Gon(o) Genitals/reproduction
Ket(o) Ketone bodies
Keton(o) Ketone bodies
Nephr(o) Kidney
Noct(i) Night
Nyct(o) Night
Olig(o) Few/scanty
Prote(o) Protein
Protein(o) Protein
Pyel(o) Renal pelvis
Thromb(o) Thrombus
Ur(o) Urine/urinary tract
Ureter(o) Ureter
Urethr(o) Urethra
Urin(o) Urine
Vesic(o) Bladder/blister
-uria Urine/urination
Balan(o) Glans penis
Cervic(o) Neck/uterine cervix
Colp(o) Vagina
Crypt(o) Hidden
Epididym(o) Epidiymis
Genit(o) Organs of reproduction
Hyster(o) Uterus
Lapar(o) Abdominal wall
Men(o) Month
Metr(o) Measure/uterine tissue
Olig(o) Few
o(o) Egg/ovum
Oophor(o) Ovary
Orchi(o) Testicle
Ovari(o) Ovary
Pen(o) Penis
Perine(o) Perineum
Prostate(o) Prostate
Rect(o) Rectum
Salping(o) Fallopian tube
Scrot(o) Scrotum
Semin(o) Semen
Sperm(o) Spermatozoa
Spermat(o) Spermatozoa
Test(o) Testicle
testicul(o) Testicle
Top(o) Place/position
Urethr(o) Urethra
Uter(o) Uterus
Vagin(o) Vagina
Varic(o) Twisted/swollen
Vas(o) Vessel/ducus deferns
Vulv(o) Vulva
-tropin That which stimulates
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