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Pickwickian syndrome

Pickwickian syndrome or Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS)

What is an a alternative name for Pickwickian syndrome? Obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS)
What novel was this disease named after? The pickwick papers by Charles Dickens
What population does this disease affect the most? People who are obese are affected the most
What is the best treatment for this disease? Weight loss
What test is needed to diagnose OHS? Arterial blood gas
If patient symptoms are severe @night.What it will be given? CPAP continuous positive airway pressure.
Pickwickian syndrome is not reversible True or False False it is reversible ,if diagnose and treated properly
What two factors are directly linked to OHS? Brain function and morbid obesity
Define polysomnography Sleep study
What level of bicarbonate indicates that further steps to diagnose and treat OHS need to be performed? Greater than 27 mmol/L
Created by: pitbull1969