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Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) Nitrogen, in the form of urea, in the blood
Creatinine A component of urine and the final product of creatine catabolism
Creatinine clearance test A mathematical calculation of the total amount of creatinine excreted in the urine over a period of time, usually 24 hours to test renal failure
Cystoscopy The inspection of the interior of the bladder by means of an endoscope
Intravenous pyelogram (Intravenous urogram) Radiography of kidneys, ureters, and bladder following injection of contrast medium into a peripheral vein
Kidneys-Ureter-Bladder (KUB) X-ray of the abdomen to visualize kidneys, ureters, and bladder
Renal angiogram Radiography of vessels in the kidneys after the injection of a radiopaque contrast material
Renal arteriogram Visualization of an artery or arteries of the kidneys by x-ray imaging after injection of a radiopaque contrast medium
Retrograde pyelogram (urogram) Radiography of the urinary tract following injection of contrast medium directly into the bladder, ureter, or renal pelvis
Scout film A radiograph exposed before contrast medium is given, such as the preliminary film for an angiogram, urogram, or barium-contrast gastrointestinal examination
Urinalysis Analysis of the urine content
Urine Culture & Sensitivity Used for the cultivation, isolation, identification of microorganisms from urine specimen and determining which antimicrobial medication they will respond to for treatment
Voiding cystourethrogram An x-ray image made during voiding with the bladder and urethra filled with contrast medium to demonstrate the urethra
Analgesic A drug that relieves pain
Antibiotic A drug that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
Antispasmodic A drug that relieves spasm
Continent urostomy An internal reservoir construed from a segment of the intestines that diverts urine through an opening that is brought through the abdominal wall, a valve is created internally to prevent leakage and patient empties the pounch by catheterization
Diuretic Drug that increases the secretion of urine
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy Procedure using ultrasound outside the body to bombard and disintegrate a stone within the body
Intracorporeal lithotripsy The crushing of a stone in the renal pelvis, ureter, or bladder by mechanical force or sound waves originating from an instrument within the body
Kidney dialysis Methods of filtering impurities from the blood, replacing the function of one or both kidneys
Nephrectomy Surgical removal of a kidney
Nephrolithotomy Incision into the kidney for the removal of a renal calculus
Nephrorrhaphy Nephropexy by suturing the kidney
Nephrotomy Incision into the kidney
Non-continent ileal conduit Removal of portion of ileum to use as a channel to which ureters are attached at one end and the other end is a stoma on the abdomen; urine drains continually into external bag
Orthotopic bladder Bladder constructed from portions of intestine connected to the urethra
Pyeloplasty Surgical reconstruction of the kidney pelvis to correct an obstuction
Resectoscope A special endoscopic instrument for the transurethral electrosurgical removal of lesions involving the bladder, prostate gland, or urethra
Stent placement Slender thread, rod, or catheter, lying within the lumen of ureter, used to provide support during or after anastomosis, or to assure patency of an intact but contracted lumen
Urinary catheterization Methods of placing a tube into the bladder to drain or collect urine
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