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Carry & Deliver Goods Training Match Quiz

What is a VTG6? A Plating Certificate on a Goods Vehicle
What is the maximum authorised mass (MAM)of a rigid vehicle with 2 axles? 18000kg
"The Code of Practice for Safety of Loads on Vehicles" 3rd edition is produced by who? Department for Transport
What is an FMT1000? A transport request giving all the information needed for a detail & the customer requirements
Theft from vehicles is covered by which Act of Parliament? The Criminal Attempts Act, 1981
An FMT3 is an initial (1st) accident report form, how long do you have to submit the completed form? 24 hours
Where can guidance on axles projections be found? Road Vehicles Construction and Regulations, 1986
An FMT3-1 is an accident report form; which gives more detailed information. How many days after an accident does this form have to be submitted? 5 days
To carry hazardous goods you need a Vocational Training Certificate, what is this called? ADR.
The Welfare of Animals (transport) Order 2006, covers what? The movement of animals.
What is a customer service agreement? A document that specifies the level of service provided between the Provider and the Customer (Recipient).
Under EU Drivers Hours, how many times a week can you drive for 10 hours? Twice.
Under EU Drivers Hours, if you split your daily rest(sleep period)of 11 hours, how must this be split? 3 hours rest and 9 hours rest within 24 hours.
What is the maximum amount of time you are allowed to drive without taking a break. 4.5 hours.
Who is responsible for the purchase and issuing of goods on the barracks? The Quartermaster.
If someone makes a complaint to the MT NCO about a driver, how would the MT NCO notify them that the complaint had been resolved satisfactorily. Telephone, letter, email, personal visit.
Created by: Skempton
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