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HIMT Glossary

Health Information Glossary

Abbreviated Injury Scale A set of numbers used in trauma registy to indicate the nature and severity of an injury by body system
Abstracting Process of extracting information from a document to create a summary
Accept assignment A situation in which a provider or supplier accepts, as payment in full, the allowed charge (from the fee scheudule)
Access control Means of identifying which employees should be allowed to retrieve what data
Accession number Number assigned to each case as it is entered in a cancer registry
Accounts receivable Payments recieved from third-party payers
Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Healthcare Professional org. that accredits amb. or outpt setting such as single specialty & multio specialty group practices, ASC, col/univ health services, & comm health centers
Accreditation organizations Professional organization that set standards against which healthcare orgs. are measured to ensure the quality of their services
Accreditation standards Predefined statements of criteria against which the performance of participating hc orgs. will be assessed during the voluntary accreditiation process
Accredited Standards Committee X12, Electronic Data Interchange (ASC X12) Committe charatered by the American National Standards Institute to develop uniform standards for the electronic interchange of business transactions
Action steps Specific plans the hc org hopes to accomplish in the near future
Activities of daily living (ADL) Basic activities of self-care, including grooming, bathing, ambulating, toileting, and eating
Acute care Medical care of a limited duration, provided in a hosp. or outpt setting, to treat an injury or short term illness
Acute care prospective payment system (PPS) System that uses DRG classification as the basis for reimbursement of hospitals for inpt. services provided to Medicare & Medicaid beneficiaries
Actor Role a user plays in a system
Acute care Medical care of a limited duration, provided in a hosp./ outpt setting, to treat an injury or short term illness
administriative controls Policies and produres that address the mgmt. of computer resources
administrative information systems category of health infomaiton systems includees systems to support HR mgmt, financial mgmt., executive decision support, and other primarily administrative functions
administrative law rules and regulations developed by various administrive bodies empowered by Congress; falls under umbrella of public law
administrative services only contract (ASO) Agreement between an employer and the insurer that administer the employer's self-insurance plan
admission utilization review review of planned services (internsity of service) &/or pt's cond. (severity of illness) to determine whether the care must be delivered in an acute inpatient setting
advance directive declaration a pt. makes regarding his/her care in anticipation of being incompetent to make care decisions in the future
affinity grouping technique for organizating similiar ideas together in natural groupings
agency of healthcare research and quality (AHRQ) Branch of the US public health service that supports gen. health research & distributes findings and guidelines
aggregate data data extracted from individual pt. records and combined to form information about groups of pts.
allied health professionals healthcare workers other than physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, including physical therapists, dietitians, occupational therapists, and others
alphanumeric filing system health record filing system that uses a combination of alphabetic letter and numbers for identification purposes
ambulatory care Preventive or correctice hc provided in a provider's office, clinic setting, or hosp. that does not require an overnight stay
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