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Article One Quiz

History Test On Article One, January 2011

What are the 6 Goals of the U.S Government according to the preamble? Secure The Blessings Of Liberty Provide For The Common Defense Provide For The General Welfare Establish Justice To Form A More Perfect Union Ensure Domestic Tranquility
What Is The Legislative Branch's Job? What Article Is It Part Of? What Is A Large Part Of It? To Make Laws Article I Congress- House Of Representatives And the Senate
Enumerated Powers The Specific Powers Of Congress
Three Branches Of Government? Legislative Executive Judicial
What Branch is Congress Part Of? What Is The Meaning Of Bicameral, And How Is Congress Bicameral? Legislative Bicameral Means Two Chambers And Congress is Bicameral Because It Is split Into The Senate And The House Of Representatives
Which Chamber is Based On Population And Which Has equal Representation For Each State? The House Of Representatives - Population The Senate - Equal Representation
What Article Of The U.S Constitution Covers The Legislative Branch? Article I
What Is The Main Purpose Of The Legislative branch? To make Laws
Bicameral (Congress) Meaning Two Chambers Congress Is Split Into The House Of Representatives And The Senate
To Promote The General Welfare (Goal) To Help With Certain Issues That Face The People (Health, Money, Etc.)
Provide For The Common Defense (Goal) To Have An Army/Navy That Is Well Trained Protect American Borders Ensure The Safety Of Citizens Police Force
Ensure Domestic Tranquility (Goal) to keep Peace Among Friends And Family And Prevent Conflict Among Other Contries
To Form A More Perfect Union (Goal) To Have the Country As A Whole So That It Will Be Stronger And Everyone Would Feel Comfortable There Would Be No Separation Issues
Secure The Blessings Of Liberty (Goal) To ensure the Freedom Of The Citizens And Give Them Their Rights
Establish Justice (Goal) The Courts Make Fair Decisions, Are Not Biased, And Give Fair Punishment
The Seven Major Principles Limited Government Separation Of Powers Republicanism Federalism Checks And Balances Popular Sovereignty Individual Rights
Limited Government (Principle) Power Of Government Is Limited Stays Out Of Private Affairs
Separation Of Powers (Principle) No Single Part Of Government Has Unlimited Control, Rather There Are Separate Branches To Do Each Job
Republicanism (Principle) When The People Retain Control Over The Government A State Or Country Without A Monarch
Federalism (Principle) Sharing Power between The Federal And State Governments
Checks And Balances (Principle) A System Where Each Branch of Government Has A Check On The Other Two Branches So No Branch becomes too Powerful
Popular Sovereignty (Principle) To Give The People The Right To Vote Weather They Would Allow Slavery In Their State Or Not
Individual Rights (Principle) What You Are Allowed To Do And What Can Be Done To You In Return Freedom Of Speech In An Appropriate Way
Necessary And Proper Clause (What Does It Do? Nickname? Good Or Bad?) Gives Congres The Power To Make All Laws That Are Nescessary And Proper To Carry Out The Powers Specifially Delegated To It By The Constitution Elastic Clause General Power Gives Government A Way Of Dealing With Unexpected Situations Gives PowerToMak
Qualifications For A House Of Representatives Representative? Term Limit? Need To Be 25+ Need to Be A Citizen For 7 Years+ Hold Residency In State You Wish To represent And Pay State Taxes 2 Year Term
Qualifications For Being A Senator? Need To be 30+ Years Old Need To Be A Citizen For 9+ Years Need To Hold Residency And Pay State Taxes In State You Wish To Reprisent 6 year Term
How Many Members Are The In The House Of Representatives? 435
How Many Members In The Senate? 100 (Two For Each State)
Who Presides of The House Of Representatives? The Speaker Of The House
Who Presides Over The Senate? The Vice President
Virginia Plan Wanted The Number Of Representatives In Congress To Be Determined By Population
New Jersey Plan Wanted The Number Of Representatives In Congress To Be Equal for All States
The Great Compromise Proposed A Bicameral Legislative, Resulting In The Senate And House Of Representatives Gave each State What It Wanted By using Both Population And Equal Reprisentation
The Three Fifths Compromise Said That Every 3 of Five Slaves Would Be Counted As The Population For The House Of Representatives
Impeachment To Bring Charges Against
Created by: DressageIsMagic
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