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AirWarfare Pro-Kno

Professional Knowledge Exam date Jan 28 2011

Who was the first naval Officer to be selected for flight training? and in what year was he selected? LT T.G. Ellyson, 1910
The mission of naval aviation: The mission of naval aviation is to deploy combat capable forces forward fully responsive to the needs of the Nation.
Who was the first pilot to make a shipboard take off? and what was the name of the ship? and in what year did this happen? Eugene Ely. USS Birmingham, 1910
When was the first official aircraft carrier commissioned and what was the name of the ship? 1922, USS LANGLEY
One of five ares of focus in Air Warfare operations: Naval aviation has over-the-horizon surveillance equipment that provides vital information to our task force operation. Eyes and ears of the fleet
One of five ares of focus in Air Warfare operations: These types of missions includes hunter/killer operations to be sure of task force protection and to keep our coastal waterways safe. Protection against submarine attack.
One of five ares of focus in Air Warfare operations: support that occurs with varitey of firepower. providing air cover and support Aid and support operations during amphibious landings.
One of five ares of focus in Air Warfare operations: logistic support aircraft strongly support mobility of the ground forces. rapid logistic support for ground forces.
One of five ares of focus in Air Warfare operations: during sea missions, the possiblity of a downed aircraft or man overboard always exists. Search and rescue operations.
Naval Aviation Primary Mission: AAW ANTI-AIR WARFARE
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:ASU ANTI-SURFACE SHIP WARFARE
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:ASW ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:CAS CLOSE AIR SUPPORT
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:CSAR COMBAT SEARCH AND RESCUE
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:C2W COMMAND AND CONTROL WARFARE
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:FSO FLEET SUPPORT OPERATIONS
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:MINE WARFARE MIW
Naval Aviation Primary Mission:STRIKE WARFARE STW
Community: VQ hint: V's are planes FLEET AIR RECONNAISSANCE
Community: HSC hint: H's are for Helo SEA COMBAT SUPPORT
What is the E-2C Hawkeye's Role? What is the makeup of the crew? Role: CCC/C2W/INT/AAW Crew: 2 Pilots/ 3 NFOs
What is the C-2 Greyhound's Role? What is the makeup of the crew? Role: FSO Crew: 2 Pilots/2 Enlisted Aircrew
What is the EA-6B Prowler's Role? What is the makeup of the crew? C2W/STW 1 Pilot/ 3NFOs
What is the P-3C Orion's Role? What is the crew makeup? List weapon systems Role: ASW/ASU/STW/CCC/INT Crew: 3 Pilots/2NFOs/4-6 Enlisted Aircrew Weapon Systems: SLAM, Maverick, and unguided munitions
What is the E-6A/B Mercury's Role? What is the crew makeup? Role: CCC Crew: 3 Pilots/3 NFOs as Navigators/ Airborne Communications Officers (ACO)/ 10 Enlisted Crews
What is the role of the EP-3E ARIES II? What is a distinguishing feature? What is the crew makeup? ROLE: INT/C2W/CCC Distinguishing Feature: Numerous antennas Crew: 3 Pilots/3 NFOs/14 Enlisted
What is the role of the SH-60B/MH-60R Seahawk? Makeup of the crew? Role: ASW/ASU/FOS/CSAR Crew: 1 Pilot/1 Co-Pilot (ATO)/1-2 Enlisted
What is the role of the MH-53E Sea Dragon? Crew Makeup? Role: Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) and vertical shipboard delivery. Crew: 2 Pilots/ 1-2 Enlisted
What will replace the F/A-18A/C? The F-35C Lightning II
What will replace the EA-6B Prowler? The E/A-18G Growler. It will have capabilities of a Super Hornet
Which model is replacing the E-2C Hawkeye? E-2D Advanced Hawkeye
Who's awesome? Wes Cox
What are the crew responsibilities of the EA-6B Prowler? Pilot: Fly aircraft and avoid threats NFO (ECMO): Operate weapon systems, mission commander, co-pilot
What are the crew responsibilities of the E-2C Hawkeye? Pilot: Aviate, navigate, and threat avoidance. NFO: Mission Commander, Sensor operator, Airborne Command and Control.
What are the crew responsibilities of the C-2 Greyhound? Pilot: Aviating and safety of aircraft and crew. Co-Pilot: Navigating, Communication Aircrew: Loadmasters for cargo and passengers.
What are the crew responsibilities of the P-3C Orion? Pilot: Safety of the flight and mission commander NfO: Tactical Coordinator (TACCO) usually Mission Commander. Navigator/Comms Officer Aircrew: Operates optical/acoustic/non-acoustic sensor systems.
What are the crew responsibilities of the E-6A/B Mercury? Pilot: Safety of the flight, mission commander NFO: (ACO)In charge of Communications Central or mission commander
What are the crew responsibilities of the EP-3E (ARIES II)? Pilot: Safety of the flight/mission commander NFO: Senior Evaluator (SEVAL) usually mission commander, Tactical Evaluator (EVAL), one navigator/Comms Officer Aircrew: Operates the various sensor systems.
What are the crew responsibilities of the SH-60B/MH-60R Seahawk? Pilot: Operates aircraft Co-Pilot: (Airborne Tactical Officer ATO) supervise tactical situation and direct pilot and SO Aircrew: Act as sensor operator /runs radar and sonar computers
What are the crew responsibilities of the HH-60F/H/S Seahawk? Pilot: Operate Aircraft Co-Pilot: Navigation/Tactical mission control Aircrew: SH-60F: Operate SONAR, tracking targets HH-60H: Crew Chief/ Aerial Gunners and Ground Rescue Element in CSAR.
What are the crew responsibilities of the MH-53E Sea Dragon? Pilot: Aviating, communicating Co-Pilot: supervise tactical situation, direct pilot and SO Aircrew: sensor operator, act as loadmasters
Created by: Dlee
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