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Haney GP C12

Childhood Diseases

True or false? Conjoined twins are two separate eggs that fuse together in the womb. False
Which gender are conjoined twins seen in more often, male or female? Female
Twins with a cranial union are considered to be what? Craniopagus
Is it possible to separate conjoined twins? Yes
Connection from the breastbone to the waist is know as what? Omphalopagus
A condition whose symptoms include small stature, bulging forehead, depressed nasal bridge, malaligned teeth, and short limbs. Robinow Syndrome
True or false? Children with Robinow Syndrome are born following a normal pregnancy and have a normal birthweight. True
What is the predicted life span of a child with Robinow Syndrome? Normal
Is Robinow Syndrome cureable? No
What are the two forms of Robinow Syndrome? Dominant and Reccessive
When is spina bifida typically discovered? Newborn Examination
When the meninges and, in sever cases, the spinal cord, herniate due to lack of closure it is called what? Spina Bifida
A myelomeningocele is where the external sac contains meninges, CSF, and what? Spinal Cord
The least severe form of spina bifida is called what? Spina Bifida Occulta
Spina Bifida occurs when there is a failure of the posterior spinal proccesses to close in what section? Lumbar
What type of defect is anencephaly? Neural Tube Defect
What is the prognosis for children with anencephaly? Death
Who is more often effected by anencephaly, males or females? Females
True or false, you can discover anencephaly in children even before they are born. True
What is the definitive cause of anencephaly? Unknown
Does Turner's Syndrome effect males or females? Females
What kind of disease is Turner's syndrome? chromosomal
These symptoms describe what disorder? Amenorrhea, webbing, sterility, dwarfism, cardiac/kidney defects. Turner's Syndrome
How is Turner's Syndrome diagnosed? Chromosomal smear studies
What is the most common disorder of gonadal dysgenesis in females? Turner's Syndrome
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