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Ch. 7 Prefixes

Prefixes & their usage

PrefixMeaningExample wordDefinition
a, an without, not afebrile without fever
a, an without, not anesthesia without sensation
bio life bioavailability amount of drug that reaches body tissues
bio life bioethics field of study related to the ethics of transplanting, prolonging & ending life
brady slow bradycardia slow heartbeat
tachy fast tachycardia fast heartbeat
de take away, remove dehydrate take away water
re put back recurrence a return of symptons,(put back to a former state)
dia through (running through) diarrhea excessive & frequent evacuation of loose, watery stool
dia through (running through) diuresis discharge of unusually large amounts of urine
hemi one-side, half hemiplegia one-sided paralysis
hemo blood hematemesis vomiting blood
hemo blood hemolysis breakdown of red blood cells
hydro water hydrate supply water
hyper too much, high hypertension high blood pressure
hypo low; not enough; under hypothyroid insufficient production of thyroid hormones
lip fat lipoma fat tumor (fat cancer cells)
poly much; many polycystic many cysts
pre before prenatal before birth
pro preceding prognosis a prediction of the outcome of a disease
pro coming prodromal early symptons indicating the onset of a disease
post following, after postoperative after an operation
acro extremities; top; or extreme point acrodermatitis skin inflammation of extremities
aero air aerobic presence of air
aniso unequal anisocytosis a condition of unequal cells
dys bad, painful, or difficult dysplasia abnormal cell growth
dys bad, painful or difficult dystocia difficult labor
eu good, easy euphoria exaggerated feeling of well being
eu good, easy euthanasia easy death
hetero different heterogeneous of unlike nature, composition & structure
homo same homophobia fear of homosexuality
homo same homogeneous the same in nature, structure & composition
homo same homeostasis a stable state in the internal environment of the body
iso equal or same isotonic a state of equal pressure of concentration
megalo-; -megaly enlarged megalocardia an enlarged heart
meno menses (menstruation) dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
noct; nyct night nocturia urinating at night
pan all, every pandemic epidemic of great proportions
sym going together; united sympton a complaint; evidence of a disease
syn going together; united syndrome group of symptons characteristic of a disease
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