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Swedish 1

Southeastern Institute - Salvo Chapter 1

The country in which the first written accounts of therapeutic rubbing(massage) originated China
The original massage technique Amma
The sacred Indian practice in which massage was included, and which literally means "code of life" Ayur-Veda
The father of Western medicine Hippocrates
Systematic and scientific manipuation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining health Massage
The individual whose efforts led priarily to texts that commonly use French terminology to describe massage strokes Johann Mezger
The classic scripture of traditional Chinese medicine Nei-chng
Scientist who demonstrated that blood circulation is impelld by the beat of the heart through arteries and veins William Harvey
The work geneally credited as being the first book in the field of sports medicine, written by Girolamo Mercuriale in 1569 De Arte Gymnastica
The father of Swedish massage and physical therapy Pehr Henrik Ling
Along with duplicated and active, the term that describes another movement that used Ling's system of medcal gymnastics Passive
Movements performed by the client Active
When the term massage came into use Middle 1900's
The person wh first analyzed the phenomenon of muscular contraction Giovanni Borelli
Therapeutic system using movement to overcome discomforts that arise from abnormal conditions Swedish gymnastics
A compnent of Ling's sysem that blends massage with the science of physiology Swedish massage
The Swedish movement system introduced into the United States in 1856 by these brothers George Henry and Charles Fayette Taylor
What yer was the Anerican Massage and Therapy Association founded? 1943
A french military surgeon who discussed the therapeutic benefits of massage, especially in orthopedic surgry Ambroise Pare
The title of the first modern treatise on anatomy, written by Mondino dei Luzzi in 1316 Anothomia
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