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Chapter One Anatomy

Test Questions

The study of the body sctructures without the use of a microscope is known as... gross anatomy
For histologic anatomy, it is important that one use an/a... microscope
One of the branches of physiology is cytology, the study of... cells and how they function
The function of the excretory system is a major topic of a branch of physiology known as... renal physiology
At it's most simple level of structure, the body is composed of... atoms
Carbs, proteins,lipids and water typify the level of structure of the body in which the main components are... molecules
The fundamental unit of all living things, including the human body is... cells
A group of cells working together to perfrom the same function is a(n) tissue
A type of tissue represented by the blood and the bone tissue is... connective tissue
The organs of a body are lined with a special type of tissue known as... epithelial
Various types of tissue work together in the human body to compose a(n) organ system
The sum total of all chemical processes occuring in the body is... metabolism
When organic matter is built from smaller molecules. usually requiring an input of energy , the chemical process is called ... anabolism
The chemical processes in which orangic matter is broken down, usally with the release of energy is... catabolism
Two general types of movement in the body are voluntary and... involuntary
To assist the process of movement of the body, the skeletal muscles are usally attached to... bone and cartilage
The body obtains materials from the enviroment and increases in mass in the process of... growth
The characteristic of conductivity is associated with muscle cells and... nerve cells
In addition to producing an entirely new indivdual, new cells are formed in the body for the three purposes of replacement, growth and... repair
The form of reproduction generating a fertilized egg cell is called... sexual reproduction
The duplications of a single cell to form two identical daughter cells is the type of reproduction known as... asexual reproduction
The steady state equilbrium existing in the body is called... homeostatis
The cells of the body and the body itself remains relativelt constant in its chemical enviroment and in its... physical enviroment
Major chemical requirements of the human body for maintaining homeostatis include water, nutrients and... oxygen
Among the systems coordinating homeostatis are the nervous system and the... endocrine system
An inblance in the internal enviroment and disturbance of homeostatis may both be created by... stress
A system in which information is returned in order to increase the deviation from the original setpoint is a(n) positive
A system in which information decreases the systems output and brings the system back to it's setpoint is a(n) negative
The body is erect with eyes foward, feet together, arms at the side and palms foward in the... anatomical postion
The directional term used to describe the front of the body on the belly side is... anterior
Although the term dorsal is sometimes used, the preferred term when referring to the back side of a human is... posterior
In anatomical nomenclature, the term superior refers to an aspect of the body toward the... upper part of the body
in anatomical nomenclature the abdomen is said to be inferior to the ____(chest) thorax
The anatomical term referring to a side away from the midline is... lateral
The term proximal refers to a point close to where an extremity attaches to the body... trunk
In the anatomical nomenclatue, the hand would be considered distal to the... upperhand
Two structures on the same side of the body such as the left arm and the left leg are said to be... ipsilateral
A vertical plane dividing the body into right and left sides represents a(n) sagittal plane
A longitudal plane dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions is a frontal plane,also known as a(n) coronal
A midsagittal plane divides the body into equal right and left halves, but if the halves are unequal the plane is said to be.. parasagital
A horizonatal plane divided the body into superior and inferior parts is also known as traverse
The dorsal body cavity is subdivided into the spinal cavity and the.. cronial
Two major subdivsions of the vental body cavity are the abdominopelvic cavity and the... thoracic
The heart, esophagus, trachea,and bronchi are all located in a portion of the body called the.. mediastinum
The abdominal subdivsion and pelvis subdivision are portions of the abdominopelvic cavity, which is also known as the... pertional cavity
The large dome shaped muscle separating the abdominopelvic cavity from the thoracic cavity is the... diaphragm muscle
Immediately superior to the umbilical region is a region of the abdominopelvic cavity known as the... epigastric
Lateral to the hypogastric region of the abdominopelvic cavity is the illac region, also called the... ingunal region
Among the three major serous membranes of the body are the peritoneum, the pleura, and the... pericordium
The three serous membranes of the body have both viscernal layers and... parietal
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