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Lesson 2

Integumentary and Digestive System

Cutis Cutitis skin skin inflammation
Dent Dentiform teeth tooth-like
Derma Dermatology Skin study of Skin
Hapsia Parapsia touch touch disorder
Odont Odontoprisis teeth teeth grinding
Onco Oncology tumor study of tumors
Onychia Onychitis nail beds nail bed inflammation
Pedicular Pediculosis lice condition of lice
Prurigo Prunitis Itching Itching inflammation
Psora Psoriasis itch Condition of itch
Sarco Sarcolysis flesh flesh decomposing
Sclero Sclerogenous hard hardening tissue
Squama Squamous scaly scale-like
Tricho Trichoid hair hairlike
Chole Cholecystectomy bile, gallbladder gallbladder excision
Colon Colitis large intestine large intestine inflammation
Emesis Emetic vomiting produces vomit
Entero Enteritis Intestine Intestinal inflammation
Gastro Gastritis stomach stomach inflammation
Glosso Glossopathy tongue tongue disease
Hepat Hepatitis liver liver inflammation
ile ileitis ileum (last section of small intestine) ileum inflammation
Laparo Laparotomy abdomen abdomen incision
Myxo Myxoma mucus mucus tumor
Procto Proctology anus; rectum study of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus
Phloro Pylorostenosis Pylorus, gatekeeper pyloric narrowing
Stoma Stomatitis Opening, mouth Mouth inflammation (in relation to intestines)
Viscero Visceromegaly body organs enlarged abdominal organs
Created by: kthomson1945