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Industrial Rev,

Industrial Revolution

Who invented the seed drill? Jethro Tull
Who inveted the flying shuttle? John Kay
Who invented the Water Frame? Richard Arkwright
Who invented the mule? Samuel Compton
Who invented the first Steam Engine? Thomas Newcomen
Who improved the Steam engine? James Watt
Who invented a better process to make cast iron? Abraham Darby
Who improved the roads in Great Britain? James Macadam
Which two people invented the first locomotive? George and Robert Stephenson
What was the Cottage Industry An investor gave someone money to make a product in their home
What was the Factory Age? Large factories making a product. An all in one
Why did the factory industry take over the cottage age? because the new inventions were getting to big for the small houses and needed non human power to run them
What did the Factory Act of 1802 say? no children can work more than twelve hours
What did the Factory act of 1819 say? no children can work more than nine hours
What was established in 1824? Workers' associations or Labor unions
What were the four "classes"? Upper class, middle class, lower middle class, working class
When was the Irish potato Blight? 1845
Created by: Aidannobigdeal