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The French Rev.

The French Rovolution

What was Frances' middle class called? The Bourgeoisie
Who ruled for 72 years? Louis XIV
When did Louis XIV die? 1715
When did Louis XVI come to the throne? 1774
When did Louis XVI marry Marie Antoinette? 1770
What was Marie Antoinette nickname? Marie Defaecate
Who were three philosophers that were around Louis XVI's time? Rousseau, Voltaire, Montesquieu
What happend of July 14, 1789? The Fall of the Bastille
Why did a mop attack the Bastille? Because Louis XVI put a mercenary army around Paris and Versailles and the people of France thought that Louis XVI would use them against the Revolution
What did the Citizens form after the Fall of the Bastille? The National Guard
Why did the Citizen form a National guard? To protect Paris
What was the Great Fear? The Peasants were scared that Louis XVI would use his soldiers and aristocrats against the revolution
What did the Peasants do because of the Great Fear? the stormed the Châteaux where the aristocrats lived and burnt it to the ground.
What happened on August 4, 1789? The National Assembly met and Abolished all Feudal laws
What happened in October 1789? Women marched from Paris to Versailles, led by Lafayette and National Gaurd
What did the Women do in Versailles after the came from paris? They attacked the National Assembly
Who came back to Paris after the women attacked the National Assembly The King and Queen
What happened in August of 1790? The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
What was the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen? Basic human rights
Where were some ideas taken from? John Locke
What did the National Assembly do once they were in Paris? tryed to make a new constitution
What year did Louis XVI the Queen and their children try to escape? 1791
When did the Newly formed Legislative Assembly try to make a new government? October 1, 1791
What were two groups in the established Democracy? Girondists, Jacobins
What were the Sans-Culottes? mostly poor people.
Which group did the Sans-Culottes support? the Jacobins
why did the Sans-Culottes support the Jacobins? because the Jacobins wanted to kill the king
Who was Madame Roland? a leader of the Girondists
Who were the three radicals of the revolution? Marat, Danton, Robespierre
Who was the most radical leader? Marat
where did marat die? in his bath
Who killed Marat? Charlotte Corday
when did Marat die? 1793
When did France declare war on Austria? 1792
What was the newly elected body? The national convention
When was Louis XVI guillotined? 1793
When was Marie Antoinette guillotined? 1793
What was the Reign of Terror? All people were killed if they were against the revolution
From which year to which were known as the reign of terror? 1793-1794
When was Danton guillotined? 1794
How many people were guillotined in the Reign of terror? 37000
When was Robespierre guillotined? 1794
What kind of ruling was replaced after Robespierre? a Directory
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