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The Glorious Rev.

The Glorious Revolution

What is The Magna Carta? A Document about taxes.
What does the Document say? King must consult parliament before taxing the people. Fair tax trials.
Who signed the magna carta? John 1
When was the magna carta signed? 1215
Who ruled from 1272-1307? King Edward 1
What was the Tudor Dynasty? or the Absolute rulers not divine right rulers? An Absolute monarchy someone with full power
Who reigned from 1485-1509? Henry VII
What religion did Henry VII believe in? Catholic
Who reigned from 1509-1547? Henry VIII
What religion did Henry VIII believe in? Catholic->Protestant
How many wives did Henry VIII have? 6 he killed two
Who reigned from 1547-1553? Edward VI
What religion did Edward VI believe in? Protestant
Who reigned from 1553-1558? Mary I
What religion did Mary I believe in? Roman Catholic
Who reigned from 1558-1603? Elizabeth I
What was a nickname for Mary I? Bloody Mary
What was a nickname for Elizabeth I Gloriana
What religion did Elizabeth I believe in? Protestant
Who ruled in the Tudor Dynasty? Henry VII Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I Elizabeth I
What is an Absolute ruler believing in divine right of kings? a.k.a. The Stuart Dynasty. A ruler that has power but is watched by parliament.
Who reigned from 1603-1625? James I
What religion did James I believe in? Protestant
Who reigned from 1625-1649? Charles I
Who ruled when the Civil War broke out? Charles I
What year did the Civil War Begin? 1642
What religion did Charles II believe in? Protestant
Who reigned from 1660-1685? Charles II
What religion did Charles II believe in? Protestant.
Who reigned from 1685-1688? James II
Who Abdicated the throne in 1688? James II
What Religion did James II believe in? Catholic
Who were The Round Heads? The New Model Army
What kind of soldiers were in the New Model Army? Farmers
What were the two important battles that the New Model Army fought in? Marston Moor and Naesby
What was the rump parliament? the rest of the people who stayed in parliament that didn't go to war
Which were the two groups that were in the rump parliament? Presbyterians and Puritans
In what year was King Charles I put on Trial? 1649
What reason was King Charles put on trial for? Treason
What is Treason The act of trying to overthrow the king.
Who was named Lord and Protector? Oliver Cromwell
Who made the Blue Laws? Oliver Cromwell
What were the Blue Laws? Outlawed Pagan cermonies, like christmas, dancing, theatre, and sports.
What happend in 1660? Charles II was invited to be King of England
When did Charles II die? 1678
Who took over rule after Charles II? James II
When was the bill of rights announced? 1689
Created by: Aidannobigdeal