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AH II Prefix

Prefixes and suffixes for Allied Health II

Prefix the syllable/word at the beginning of the word
Suffix the syllable/word at the end of a word
Word Root main word that prefixes and suffixes can be added to
Ante Before
Anti Against
Bi Twice
Brady Slow
Bronch pertaining to the air/tube in lungs
Cardi Pertaining to the heart
Cerebro Pertaining to the brain
Chiro Pertaining to the hand
Derm Pertaining to the skin
Dys difficult, painful, bad
Endo within
Epi Outside
Gast Pertaining to the stomach
Gyn Pertaining to the woman, female
Hem Blood
Hyper excessive, more than normal
Hypo decreased, less than normal
Micro Small
Necro death
Nephro Pertaining to the kidney
Noct night
Neuro Pertaining to the nerves
Onco Pertaining to tumor, cancer
Ophthalm Pertaining to eye
Para near, beside, beyond, abnormal, lower half of body
Patho Pertaining to disease, abnormal condition
Ped Pertaining to child
Post after, behind
Pre before, in front of
Pulmon/ Pneumo Pertaining to lungs
Psych Pertaining to the mind
Quad four
Rado x-ray, radiation
Sub less, under, below
Sup above, upon, over, higher in position
trans across
-ectomy surgical removal of
-itis inflammation
-megaly large, enlarged
-ologist person who does/studies
-ology study of, science of
-opsy to view
-oscopy diagnostic examination
-otomy/ -tomy cutting into
-paresis/ -plegia paralysis
-scope examining instrument
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