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who makes up our TRICARE beneficiary population. all active duty, retired uniformed services, family members of AD & Retirees, survivors who aren't eligible for medicare.
what is the name of the military's managed care program. TRICARE
how many regions make up the total TRICARE program? 15
What aspects of healthcare delivery are MTF commanders and respective lead agents responsible for? Costs- Quality - Access
who is entitled to become a lead agent? MTF commander.
Who is responsible for planning and coordinating the regional delivery of health care between all MTF's in the health service program. the Lead Agent (LA)
what agency is the medical logistics POC for resolution of general medical materiel difficulties including those involving DSCP and other DLA centers? AFMLO (Air Force Medical Logistics Office)
what agency provides approval or disapproval on requests for reapplication of WRM funds? AFMLO
Which activity is medical logistics primary POC for matters involving investment equipment approval? MAJCOM
What activity acts as primary POC concerning WRM funding? MAJCOM
With what activity do you coordinate cost center record updates? FSO (Financial Services OFfcie)
Who defines the functional requirement for the DMLSS AIS JMLFDC (Joint Medical Logistics Functional Development Center)
What is the name of the organization that handles all the trouble calls pertaining to DMLSS? MHS Helpdesk
what functionality is avaiable to the person who accesses the HelpNow! website? You can open a ticket, review the status of the tickets, or search the knowledge.
Which is a goal the TRICARE program? Improve force health protection and medical readiness.
How is the TRICARE program structured, and who admisters the program? Regionlly by lead agent
Which is an example of how DMLSS supports the TRICARE effort. Renders the capability to procure and manage supplies and equipment.
What activity acts as the POC for formal user tests of medical supplies? Air Force Medical Support Agency.
Who coordinates activity on PWS? Air Force Medical Support Agency
Who acts as primary POC concerning WRM finding? MAJCOM
Which DFAS center primarily serves the AIr Forc? Denver, CO
With what activity does medical logistics coordinate cost center records updates? DFAS/ Financial Services Office
What support agency is responsible for defining the funtional requirement for the DMLSS AIS? JMLFDC
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