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What EFFECTS did the arrival of EUROPEANS have on NATIVE AMERICANS?!?! Got sick from Europe; Where pushed off their land; Columbian Exchange.
What is "Mercantilism"? Eco. System seek to ^ increase their wealth & power by GOLD and SILVER trade.
How did the BRITISH policy of neglect help prepare the COLONIES for Independence? Encouraged them to govern themselves - so they were already Independent.
Describe the COLONIES? Were they ALIKE? Were they "estab." for the SAME REASON!?! -Southern -NO,because they ruled by plantation owners. -NO!!!- religious beliefs
EXPLAIN the BRITISH policy of SALUTARY NEGLECT! (They left us on our own.) Ignoring their own laws... The British benefited from the COLONIES more.... (No Taxes or shipping rules!!)
How did the FRENCH & INDIAN WAR begin? Over the fight of the land in the OHIO RIVER VALLEY~!!
Why did the NATIVE AMERICANS support the FRENCH in the WAR??? They had trade agreements w/French and less likely to mess there way with there lives...(disrupt)
How did "MERCANTILISM" encourage the acquisition of colonies by EUROPE Countries? In order to make $ they needed to have NEW RESOURCES & products/good to SELL!!
What Changed about British Policy to the colonies after the French and INDIAN WAR? they Abandoned salutary NEGLET because they wanted to have COLONISTS help PAY off their war DEBTS!!!
Describe DIFFERENCES BETWEEN the North and South COLONIES!! Southern colonies ruled by LARGE plantations Northern manufacturing TRADE!
WHY did the PROCLAMATION of 1763 anger the colonists?? It did NOT allow them <-- WEST of the Appalachians!!
What was the purpose of the NAVIGATION ACTS?? To restrict colonial trade...
Who was the AUTHOR of "COMMON SENSE" and What did it PROMOTE? Pro-INDEPENDENCE pamphlet written by --THOMAS PAINE--
What were the SON of Liberty and WHO led them??? SAMUAL ADAMS's led this group of REVOLUTIONARIES
What ideas are contained in DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE?? LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT of HAPPINESS -independence -complaints of the king
who wrote the Declaration of INDEPENDENCE?? Thomas Jefferson
FROM wat earlier ENGLISH writer were SEVERAL ideas on the D. of Independence? JOHN LOCKE
What Advantages did the COLONISTS have at the Beginning of the REVOLUTION??? They were DEFENDING their own land and they WERE MOTIVATED!!
What FACTORS helped the Colonists WIN the Revolution?? -George Washington Leadership -Motivated Soldiers -Defending their own land
How did women help support the Revolution? Nurses and Help BOYCOTT
John HANCOCK?? PLAYED IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION... Helped pay for many Money and R
Created by: monsteriousky
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