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GA Soc Studies 6th

Standards for CRCT Social Studies 6 th grade

What is a government? Government is the system a country uses to make laws and run the country.
Governments distribute what in a society? Power.
As societies become more complex, what happens to government? (big idea) Governments become more complex.
What role does the central government play in a unitary system of government? In a unitary system, the central government gives power to local governments to carry out the work of the people. The central government holds all the power and distributes it.
What role does the central government play in a confederate system of government? The central government only has power to carry out what the regional, local or state governments tell it to. The regional governments hold all the power.
What role does the central government play in a federal system of government? The central government shares power with the regional,local or state governments. Power is divided or shared.
What document describes the basic laws and power distribution that govern a country? a constitution
What is an autocrat? A single leader of a country. Like a dictator.
Where does the power exist in an autocratic government? A single leader holds all the power and there is no limit on the power of the central government. There are no elections, or competing parties, so the people have no voice.
When a small group of people rule a country, it is called a what? An oligarchy.
What government relies on active citizen participation, like voting? Democracies.
What are the two types of democracies? Presidential and Parliamentary democracy
When the head of government is elected by the legislative body, what type of democracy exists? parliamentary democracy
When the head of government is elected by the people, through voting, what type of democracy exists? presidential democracy
What title is typically given to the head of a government elected by the legislative body? Prime Minister
How would you describe the government of the U.K.? unitary system, parliamentary democracy
True or false, the president of the U.S. is elected by the Congress. False.
What type of democracy does the U.S. have? Presidential democracy
Does the United States of America or the United Kingdom have a federal system of government? the U.S. Central and local (states) share or divide power.
True or false, in an autocratic government, citizens have no way to limit the power of the leader in government. True. They do not. An autocrat has unlimited power.
There are three types of economies. Name them. Market, Command and Traditional
Why does an economy matter? It is the way a society makes decisions about resources - what to produce, for whom to produce and how to produce.
An example of a pure free market economy with no government intervention is what? The illegal drug trade
Economies are rarely pure market or pure command, they often fall between the two. What are these economies referred to? Mixed economies. They have some government involvement/regulation.
True or false, most nations have mixed economies. True.
Name three ways a government could be involved in production in a mixed economy. the government regulates the amount of pollution production creates, the government regulates the quality of products - whether they are safe; the government regulates how natural resources can be used
Name the four factors of production. Human resources (or Human Capital), Capital goods (or Capital Resources), and Natural Resource, entrepreneurship
What does it mean if you are involved in trade? you participate in the exchange, purchase or sale of goods or services.
Labor really means what? human resources or human capital
Goods or equipment used by a business to make a product, like machinery, tools, factory buildings are which factor of production? Capital goods (Capital resources)
In Santa Economics, you began by doing business only with Santa. This business relationship was one that started with your ancestors and Santa. If you did not engage in it, you would die. What type of economy is this? Traditional economy