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supply chain management is defined as the management of all internal and external processes necessary to satisfy a customer's order.
on a broad scope, the supply chain consists of a partnership between using activities, medical materiel, prime vendor, and transportation channels.
the end to end process of ordering, shipping, receiving, storing, and issuing meteriel to the using activities is called supply chain cycle
supply discipline is stocking what amount of supplies? minimum quantities of supplies you actually require to carry the mission.
how many calendar days of temporary duty requires property custodians to take action to clear their account (before departing) properly? 45
congress passed laws placing responsibility for public property directly on all gov. employees
ensuring that only qualified personnel are assigned as accountable officers belongs to which category of responsibility? commander
who is accountable for the medical stock record account? medical logistics flight commander
planning and forecasting requirements to meet mission goals is whos level of responsibility? property custodian
which are two primary categories of items that require report of survery documentation if lost, damaged, or destroyed? supply system stocks and property record items.
pecuniary liability is generally limited to a max of one months' bas pay of a person who lost or damaged property.
what form is used when civ or mil personnel admit liability, and desire to pay but do not have enough funds to pay cash and what office is the documentation processed through? DD form 362, statement of charges for gov. property lost, damaged, or destroyed and is processed at the accounting and finance office.
what form is used when an individual admits pecuniary liability and wants to make a cash payment? DD form 1131
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