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SAT Vocab

Antipathy Hatred; aversion; dilike
Apathy Indifference; lack of interest
Apex Tip; peak; summit; way up there
Appease To soothe; placate
Arbitrary Chosen at random or without apparent reason
Ardor Heat; passion; zeal
Askew Crooked; off to one side
Assuage To ease; pacify
Astute Shrewd; wise; observing
Attribute (n) A characteristic, usually a good one (v) To explain by indicating cause
Audacity Boldness
August Majestic; awe-inspiring
Austerity Severity; strictness
Averse Opposed; unwilling
Awry Twisted; crooked; out of whack; askew; wrong
Bacchanalian Organistic; like wild drunken revelry
Baleful Exerts an evil influence
Baneful Something that is really poisonous
Bawdy Obscene; coarse; humorous
Beatific Displaying or imparting joy
Created by: WillLyons