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last CNA Vocab

The passage of dry hard stool. Constipation
A Rapid heart rate, over 100 beats per min Tachycardia
Period or heart muscle relaxation. Diastole
The pulse used when taking a blood pressure Brachial
Living Will Document stating a person's wishes about health care matters when they are unable to make their own decisions any longer.
Rigor mortis Stiffness or rigidity of skeletal muscles that occurs after death.
Gas or air passed through the anus Flatus
Powerfull and imprtanta communication technigues used with a dying person listening and touch
Nocturia Frequent urinations at night
blood in the urine hematuria
cereball palsy Brain defext that results in abnormal body movements, pisture, and coordinations.
mental retardation Low intellectual functioning
They most common mental health problem in older persons Depression
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Disease caused by HIV
Dehydration Excessive loss of water from tissues
The amount of heat in the body;Balance between the amount of heat produced and amount lost by the body Body temperature
Black, tarry stool Melena
Hypertension bs>140/90 mmHg
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