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Euro Modern Conflict

Why did the Czar offered peasants land? he wanted to try and keep them happy
What percent of the population of Russia at the time of the Russian Revolution was upper class? 15%
What are two of the economic causes in Russia prior to the Russian Revolution? Peasants were ordered to work in factories to make war weapons or ordered to fight. Few farmers remained farming and there was widespread starvation.
What did the Czar create within government to try and give the peasants a voice? He created the Duma
Who was the leader of the Russian Revolution? Vladimir Lenin
Who's ideas did Lenin follow as he set up the new government? Karl Marx, and his ideas about communism
A communist society has what kind of economy? a command economy
How does Karl Marx propose a society make its people equal? get rid of private ownership of property.
What percent of the population of Russia were peasants at the time of the Russian Revolution? 85%
What political party did Vladimir Lenin lead in the October 1917 Russian Revolution? Bolshevik party
What is the Russian Duma? A representative legislative body
What was the primary impact of the Russian Revolution? The first communist government was put into place in the 20th century.
What are three causes of World War I? nationalism, alliances and militarism
What is imperialism? An expansion of an empire into foreign countries
Place the following events in sequence: A) the Russian Revolution, B) the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, C) the Treaty of Versailles B, A, C
What are U-boats? submarines
What are three new technologies that were used during World War I that had not been used in previous wars? heavy artillery (tanks), poisonous gas, airplanes, machine guns
What impact did the new technology used in World War I have? Their use made it easier to kill and wound many more soldiers
What is a treaty? an agreement
What is fascism? A political idea that puts individual rights behind the needs of a nation
What is a dictator? an autocrat
In World War I, did Italy side with the Allies or the Central Powers? the Allies
What countries were part of the Allied forces during World War I? Great Britain, Russia, France, Italy, the U.S.
What caused the U.S. to enter World War I? the sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat which killed over 100 Americans
What was the immediate cause of World War I? the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary by a Serbian
Name three new types of technology used in WWI. tanks and heavy artillery, poisonous gas and gas masks, airplanes with guns
What are reparations? Something done to make up for a greater loss
What was the consequence to the German army as a result of the Treaty of Versailles? Germany had a limit of 100,000 troops
What amount of money was Germany ordered to pay as a result of the Treaty of Versailles? $33 billion
How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany's boundaries? Germany lost land, especially to Poland.
How was the Treaty of Versailles a cause of WWII? It put Germany in financial ruins. Hitler said he would not honor the Treaty and the people supported him.
What is it called when Britain and the Allies pretend that Hitler's military build up was not serious and ignored it? Appeasement.
What did Hitler do that was the "spark" that ignited WWII? Hitler invaded Poland.
What was the outcome of the bombing of Pearl Harbour? The United States entered WWII.
What is the Holocaust? The systematic killing of over six million Jews, the disabled and Catholics by the Nazis.
How did the Holocaust affect Europe? A generation of people were lost along with their possessions, culture and traditions.
What did Jews in Europe hope to build after WWII? A Jewish state in Palestine - Zion.
Jews who supported an independent Jewish state are called what? Zionists
The Allied Powers of WWII included who? Russia, the U.S., Great Britain, France
The Axis Powers of WWII included Italy, Germany and Japan
How did Hitler feel about communism and Russia? Hitler was threatened by communism.
What caused the Worldwide Depression that contributed to the beginning of WWII? The U.S. Stock Market crash of 1929?
What happens during an economic depression? long period of high unemployment; high inflation;
What is meant by the Cold War? The conflict between Communism and Democracy that existed after WWII.
What is a Superpower? The U.S.A. and USSR following WWII are examples of a Superpower. A Superpower is a country with abundant resources
What did Churchill call the barrier between the Western democratic countries and the eastern bloc communist countries? The Iron Curtain
What military conflicts came about as a clash between communist and democratic ideologies? Korea and Vietnam
What did the Superpowers invest primarily in in the Cold War? weapons, nuclear technology and space travel
What organization was formed by the democratic countries following WWII? NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
What pact did the eastern bloc countries sign to show their alliance to each other? Warsaw Pact
What is the Berlin Wall? The wall was built that divided East (communist Berlin) and West Berlin (democratic Berlin). It is a landmark that symbolizes Cold War.
What is German Reunification? Creating one country out of East and West Germany again.
Why was German Reunification a challenge? East (communist) Germany had had no investment in infrastructure (schools, roads, electricity plants, etc.)
What has been the outcome of German Reunification? Germany is a leader of the EU. It has the highest GDP in Europe today.