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T - Z Words

Honors English 10

tactless not having a sense of the right thing to do or say without causing hurt feelings
tawdry gaudy, cheap or vulgar
temerity rashness, foolish or reckless boldness
terse using only a few words
thwart to directly oppose or block
tirade a long, angry or scolding speech
undermine to weaken or wear away the support of
unscathed undamaged or unharmed
urbane courteous, suave or polished
vacillate to sway unsteadily; to waver or fluctuate
verbose wordy or tedious
vicarious experienced through the participation in the experience of another
vilify to defame or slander
vitriolic extremely biting or caustic, sharp or bitter
volatile changeable or explosive
whet to sharpen, make stronger or stimulate
writhe to twist or squirm as in pain
zany clownish, foolish or funny
zealot a person who shows great enthusiasm for a cause
zenith the highest point
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