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game questions

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#1 In the movie rear window, how many times did J eff break his leg #1 Jeff broke his leg two times
#2 By the end of the movie Rear Window , were did Thorwald dispose his wife's body? #2 He disposed of the body at the east river
#3 What was unusual about the flowers in the movie? #3 The flowers had gotten shorter
#4 What illegal act does Jeff want Doyle to commit #4 He wanted Doyle to search Thorwald's house without warrant
#5 Jeff stalls Thorwald's attack by doing what #5 Jeff stalled the attack by using a flashbulb
#6 Describe what happend when Abigail Williams was being accused in the court by Marry Warren #6 She claimed that a yellow bird was tormenting her to distract attention away from her and the girls
#7 can you tell me why reverend Hale denounced and left the court #7 Because he was tired of the lies being accepted by the high officials
#8 Ex plain why Elizabeth proctor lies to deputy governor danforth #8 She loves her man and wanted to protect him
#9 Why does john proctor admit that he committed adultery with Abigail Williams #9 He belives that by incriminating himself, he will incriminate abigail, which will help to expose her as a fraud
#10 why does marry denounce john proctor #10 because she sees that abigail has won and has all high official by her side
#11 describe reverend parris #11 he discovered his daughther dancing in the woods
#12 describe betty parris #12 she is 10 and the daughter of parris
#13 describe abigail williams #13 an orphan and niece of parris
#14 describe john proctor #14 he married elizabeth proctor, an outspoken man
#15 describe tituba
#16 define compare #16 to show how things are similar
#17 define contrast #17 show how things are different
#18 define explain #18 make clear by using cause-and-effect or step-by-step processes
#19 define evaluate #19 form an idea for worthof something, to give the pluses(pros) and minuses(cons) backed up with examples
#20 define trace #20 describe apath or seqence
#21 give me one example of betrayal in the cruciable
#22 give me one example of abuse of power in the cruciable
#23 bive me one example of individual vs. society in the cruciable
#24 me one example of intolerance
#25 give me one example of persecution
Created by: bahr17
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