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Coast Guard E-PME E-4

In what year was the Coast Guard established by law as an armed service? 1915 In what year was the Cutter Revenue Service established? 1790 Individual Ready Reserve Manpower pool consisting of individuals who have had training and have previously served in the Active forces or in the Selected Reserve. Must have filled their Military Service Obligation (MSO). voluntarily remain in IRR. SELRES training required.
On March 1, 2003, the Coast Guard moved to the Department of Homeland Security from what department? Department of Transportation Who makes up Team Coast Guard? Active Duty Reservists Civilian Auxiliarists Contractors What is the Coast Guard Seal used for? Official documents and records. can be used for jewelry, stationary, etc. at the commandant's discretion and on invitations, Programs, Certificates, Diplomas and Greetings. Auxiliary Air Operations Missions include: SAR call out, Enforcement of Laws and Treaties, Ice Operations Mission, Logistics Mission to transport personnel.
The Department of Homeland Security is comprised of 5 major divisions and various critical agencies. They are: Border & Transportation Security Emergency reparedness and Response Science & Technology Information Analysis & Infrastructure Protection Management What rates are open only to Reservists? Port Security Specialist Investigator What is the Coast Guard Emblem used for? on the Coast Guard slash on the sides of the cutters, small boats, aircraft and at our units. Also used on medals and plaques where space is limited. Auxiliary Land-Based Operations Missions Radio Watchstander, Officer of the Day either ashore or afloat, B-0 Alert SAR Standby, CG Crew Augmentation, Auxiliary Radio Net Mission, Aids to Navigation Mission - Federal.
To whom does the Commandant of the Coast Guard directly report? Secretary of Homeland Security T or F - Reservists serve in the same enlisted and officer specialalties as their active-duty counterparts? True The Coast Guard Ensign represents: A Coast Guard vessel's law enforcement authority. Auxiliary Environmental Missions Enforcement of Laws and Treaties, Marine Environmental Protection, Coast Guard Support and Boating Safety, CG Operational Support.
Upon declaration of war or when the President so deirects, the Coast Guard operates as an element of what department? Department of Defense T or F - All Ready Reservists are considered to be in active status. True Auxiliary Public Education Missions State and Youth Courses, Member Training Instructor Mission Auxiliary CG Support and Boating Safety Missions CG Operational Support, Auxiliary's Academy Introduction Mission (AIM), Courtesy Marine Examinations.
By statute, the Coast Guard is an armed force, operating in the joint arena at any time and functioning as a specialized service under the _____ in time of war or when directed by the President Navy The _____ is a manpower pool principally consisting of individuals who have had training and have previously served in the Active Forces. Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Maritime Safety mishap prevention, SAR, Accident Investigation. goal is to eliminate deaths, injuries and property damage associated with maritime transport, recreation & fishing. Auxiliary Agency Support Missions Support of Federal, State and Local Agencies: Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Corps of Engineers, NOAA, Department of Natural Resources, State Police and Marine Patrols, Local police and sherriff's offices, fire/rescue, Harbormasters
The rate of Petty Officer became official in what year? 1808 Missions of the Auxiliarists: Surface (water) Missions Air Operations Missions Land-Based Missions Public Education Missions Environmental Missions Coast Guard Support and Boating Safety Missions Agency Support Missions Maritime Mobility facilitates commerce and eliminates interruptions and impediments to the efficient and economical movement os goods and people while maximizing recreational access to and enjoyment of the water. The Coast Guard Flag was known as the Coast Guard Standard of the Coast Guard Colors until what year? 1962
3 Roles of the US Coast Guard. Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, Maritime Stewardship National Ensign The national flag flown to represent a national government. Protection of Natural Resources eliminate environmental damage and prevent destruction of our natural resources associated with maritime transportation, fishing and recreational boating. What is the purpose of the Coast Guard flag? Serves as the organizational flag for parade and display purposes ashore.
11 Missions of the US Coast Guard Marine Safety Mission, Search & Rescue, Drug Interdiction, Migrant Interdiction, Defense Readiness, PWCS, LMR, Fisheries, ATON ,Ice Operations The US national flag is referred to as an Ensign, Colors or Standard. Define each. Ensign - Displayed on a vessel or facility Colors - when carried by foot Standard - When displayed on a vehicle or aircraft. Maritime Security Halting illegal drugs, aliens and contraband. Preventing illegal fishing. Enforcing federal law. The Coast Guard flag was used aboard ship before what year? 1917
Describe the Coast Guard Flag 52*66, national arms in blue, stripes of the shiels in red, CG Name above arms & motto & date below. Trimmed with 2-1/2" golden-yellow fringe. staff topped with battle ax finial. The current Coast Guard flag design was approved on_____. January 28, 1964 National Defense Protecting ports and the flow of commerce. ensuring that the CG can deploy and resupply our military assets by sustaining CG assets, keeping marine transport open, coordinating efforts and intelligence with federal, state and local agencies. On what date was the current design of the Coast Guard flag approved? January 28, 1964
Auxiliarists civilian volunteers authorized to wear a uniform similar to the CG officer uniform. Auxiliary Missions surface missions, air operations missions, land-based missions, public education missions, environmental missions, coast guard support and boating safety missions, agency support missions. Auxiliary Surface Missions Various Patrols Include - Safety and Regatta, Chart Update, Personal Watercraft When the Coast Guard flag is displayed without streamers, how shoule the staff be decorated? With a blue and white cord and tassels.
The designation of an official Coast Guard seal and emblem in ____ confirmed the existance of a symbol that had evolved over the decades. 1927 The Coast Guard seal and emblem were designated in what year? 1927 In what year was the Revenue Cutter Service created? 1790 The Coast Guard ensign represents what? A Coast Guard vessel's law enforcement authority.
The date depicted on the bottom of the Coast Guard shield depicts what? The year the Revenue Cutter Service (the Coast Guard's predecessor) was established (1790) For what purposes is the Coast Guard seal used? official documents and records, invitations, programs, certificates, diplomas,greetings, jewelry, stationary, etc. at the discretion of the commandant. The Coast Guard emblem appears where? The Coast Guard slash on the sides of cutters, small boats, aircraft,at units, and on the CG ensign, also on plaques and medals where space is limited. By regulation, (33CFR23.05) the Coast Guard must be displayed when? Whenever the vessel is engaged in law enforcement actions. Even when they are not conducting law enforcement missions.
Where is the Coast Guard ensign usually flown? From the head of the forward most mast. On cutters with a single mast, where is the CG ensign flown? Immediately below the commissioning pennant. At shore installations, where is the CG ensign flown? On the starboard yardarm of the flagmast. What do the 16 red and white stripes on the CG ensign represent? The number of states in the union at the time the flag was adopted.
In what year was the Revenue Cutter Service's emblem added to the CG ensign? 1910 - this distinguished the flag from the one flown at customs houses and other ports of entry at shore. What year was the Revenue Cutter Service emblem on the CG ensign changed to the CG emblem? 1927 In what year was the motto above and below the shield on the CG ensign removed? 1966 In what year did the CG adopt the use of battle streamers? 1968 - following the practice established by the US Marine Corps.
How many battle streamers are authorized by the Coast Guard? 34 Describe the use of the commissioning pennant. Displayed to indicate that a vessel is under the command of a commissioned officer or commissioned warrant officer. When is the commissioning pennant flown? Day and night from the aftermost masthead, except when the vessel is flying an admiral's flag or command pennant. What is the size of a commissioning pennant? 2-1/2 by 72 inches at the largest.
The CG "racing stripe" is canted at what angle? 64 degrees - It is a red bar to the right of a narrow blue bar with the CG emblem centered on the red bar. In what year did the CG motto "Semper Paratus" appear on the CG ensign? 1910 Who wrote the words and music to "Semper Paratus"? Captain Francis Van Boskereck What are the responsibilities of the Command Master Chief (Gold Badge)? Serves as advisor to the commanding officer on issues that could impact the mission readiness of enlisted personnel.
Command Chief (Silver Badge) Works with the commanding officer, supervisors and unit members to ensure that discipline is equitably maintained. Collateral Duty Addictions Representative (CDAR) Provides initial screening for members identified as having possible alcohol-related problems. Family Advocacy Specialist Reports suspected and substantiated incidents of family violence. Career Development Advisor Assists the command in helping members set personal and career goals.
Civil Rights Officer Reports directly to the Commanding Officer (CO) on all matters pertaining to civil rights. Identifies problems & offers resolutions. Assist in resolving individual problems informally when possible. Public Affairs Officer Represents the unit, commanding officer and the CG to the media and the public. E-5 or above. Voting Assistance Officer Ensures that incoming personnel are provided voting and registration information. Educational Service Officer Serves as a member of the training board. Supervises & administrates unit educational programs.
Collateral Duty EEO Counselor Ensures Equal Opportunity program compliance. T or F As a CG member, you may make monetary contributions to a political organization favoring a particular candidate. True T or F: As a CG member you may sell tickets for a political dinner False T or F: As a CG member you may not engage in funraising activities in federal offices or facilities. True
T or F: When NOT in uniform, you may join a political club, attend meetings and attend political rallies as a spectator. True T or F: When NOT in uniform, you may attend partisan political events as an official representative of the Armed Forces, but not actively participate. False As a CG member, you may serve as an election official if it _____. Does not need a decision by your commanding officer. T or F: As a CG member you may wear a political button on your uniform or at any time while on duty. False
03 Roles of the Coast Guard Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, Maritime Stewardship 11 Missions of the Coast Guard Marine Safety, SAR, Drug Interdiction, AMIO, Defense Readiness, PWCS, LMR, Marine Enviromental Protection, Fisheries, ATON What 2 enlisted ratings are open only to reserves? Investigator and Port Security Specialist The ___ is a manpower pool principally consisting of individuals who have had training and have previously served in the Active Forces. Individual Ready Reserve.
Team Coast Guard Consists of ... Active Duty, Reservists, Civilians, Auxiliarists, Contractors T or F: Reservists serve in the same enlisted and officer specialties as their active duty counterparts. True T or F: All Ready Reservists are considered to be in active duty status. True SOFA stands for ___ Status of Forces Agreement
t or F: All SOFA agreements require US personnel ot has a specific type of order or specific identification documents. False T or F: SOFAs define the legal status of US personnel and property in another country. T T or F: SOFAs guarantee US forces immunity rights from prosecution by the host governments for criminal offences outside of official duty. False T or F: All SOFAs MUST allow the US to establish banking and recreational facilities for our forces in the host country. False
T or F: SOFAs usually address one of three types of status. True - Administrative & Technical (A&T), Mini status-of-forces agreement (for short term), Permanent status-of-forces
When must the union jack be flown? Vessel is moored (0800-sunset) General court martial or court of inquiry si in session, the jack is to be displayed at a signal yardarm. Not flown underway. On what date did the Coast Guard move to the Department of Homeland Security? March 1, 2003 Port Security Specialist safeguard the critical or vital ports of commerce. MSO - ensures the physical security of the port. Port Security Unit - Train for deployment in support of the Department of Defense's national defense operations. Union Jack the rectangular blue part of the US flag containing the stars.
Investigator Support law enforcement and intelligence missions by: conducting criminal investigations, collecting and analyzing intelligence information, providing personal protection services to high ranking CG officials and other VIPs. Ready Reserve Reservists who are liable for immediate recall to active duty. considered to be in active duty status. Includes: Selected Reserves (SELRES) and Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) Selected Reserve Individuals in the Ready Reserve designated as essential to initial contengency requirements have priority over all other Reserve elements. Required to train as per 10 USC 10147. 48 Inactive Duty Training (IDT) 12 Active Duty for Training (ADT) When is the Union Jack flown in conjunction with the national ensign. Vessel moores 0800-sunset from the jackstaff. Court Marshall or Court of Inquiry - flown at yardarm.
Created by: KMCJUNKIN
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