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C-130H2 Ops Limits

STARTING TIT: Max with enrich on (ground) 100 C
STARTING TIT: Max without enrichment 200 C
STARTING TIT: Max for air start 200 C
STARTING TIT: Normal start limits 750 – 830 C
STARTING TIT: TIT < 720 C: Do what? write up, see MX
STARTING TIT: TIT 720 – 749 C: write up, temp controlling check
STARTING TIT: TIT 830 – 850 C: write up
STARTING TIT: TIT 850 – 965 C: stop, write up, 1 retry
STARTING TIT: TIT >965 C: stop, write, and see MX
STARTING TIT: Abnormal torch stop, write, see MX
STARTING TIT: Engine start cycle (1 on, then) 1 off, 5 off, 30 off
ENGINE TIT: Normal continuous range 200 – 1010 C
ENGINE TIT: Takeoff range / time 1067 - 1083 C / 5 min
ENGINE TIT: Takeoff reduced minimum 970 C
ENGINE TIT: Military limit / time 1049 C / 30 min
ENGINE TIT: Climb / max continuous 1010 C
ENGINE TIT: Acceleration peak limits >1083 C (5 secs)/1175 C max
ENGINE TIT: Crossover 820 C +/- 20 C
ENGINE TIT: Normal Limiting 1083 C
ENGINE TIT: Max downspeed TIT 850 C
ENGINE TIT: # of thermocouples 18 (2 elements each)
ENGINE TIT: thermocouple bad – range 3.5 to 22 C degrees each
ENGINE RPM: Oil pressure / ignition by 35%
ENGINE RPM: Normal Flight & Takeoff 98 – 102% +/- 0.5%
ENGINE RPM: Norm flight idle (on ground) 92.5 – 100.5%
ENGINE RPM: Normal ground idle 94 - 102%
ENGINE RPM: Max reverse 96 – 106%
ENGINE RPM: Low speed ground idle 69 – 75.5%
ENGINE RPM: Ignition Relay on / off 16% / 65%
ENGINE RPM: Feather on air start if no NTS by 10%
ENGINE RPM: Air start light off norm/max 30% / 40% max
ENGINE RPM: Speed sensitive valve actuate 94%
ENGINE RPM: LSGI range 9 - 30 deg
ENGINE TORQUE: Oil temp < 0 C minimum
ENGINE TORQUE: Oil temp 0 to 40 C 4,500 IN-LBS max
ENGINE TORQUE: Max allowable - takeoff 19,600 IN-LBS (for 5 min)
ENGINE TORQUE: Max allowable in flight 19,600 IN-LBS (30 min)
ENGINE TORQUE: Max continuous 19,600 IN-LBS
ENGINE TORQUE: NTS operates at -1,260 +/- 600 IN-LBS
ENGINE TORQUE: Torque to decouple -6,000 IN-LBS
ENGINE TORQUE: Allowable Reverse Differential 1,000 IN-LBS
THROTTLES: Temp Limiting Range 0 - 65 degrees
THROTTLES: Temp Controlling Range 0 - 65 degrees
THROTTLES: LSGI range 9 - 30 degrees
AC ELECTRICAL: Frequency range 380-420 cps
AC ELECTRICAL: Voltage range 110-125 v
AC ELECTRICAL: Max AC load 1.05
AC ELECTRICAL: APU generator capacity 40 kva
AC ELECTRICAL: APU generator load 1.05
AC ELECTRICAL: Gen caution (out) light illuminates any phase below or equal to 95 for 4 seconds.
AC ELECTRICAL: Bus caution (off) light illuminates average phase below 96v / any phase below 100v
AC ELECTRICAL: Generator capacity 40 kva
DC ELECTRICAL: Voltage Range 25-30v
DC ELECTRICAL: Max DC load 1.03
DC ELECTRICAL: DC power sources Battery, 4TRs, Ext
DC ELECTRICAL: Battery voltage norm / min 24v / 21v
DC ELECTRICAL: Copilot inverter power ISOLATED DC
PROP DE-ICE & ANTI-ICE: Timing cycle (De-Ice) 15 sec on / 45 sec off
PROP DE-ICE & ANTI-ICE: Max Ground ops time (De-Ice) 2 cycles (2 minutes)
PROP DE-ICE & ANTI-ICE: De-Icing amp load range 65-90 Amps
PROP DE-ICE & ANTI-ICE: Anti-Ice amps 20 Amps
WINDSHIELD ANTI-ICE: Cold Start Procedure 5 seconds on, 10 seconds off, until -43 C
WINDSHIELD ANTI-ICE: Max OAT operations 81 F (27 C)
WINDSHIELD ANTI-ICE: NESA temp / # of windows 80-100 F / 9
LEADING EDGE ANTI-ICE: Max ground ops time 30 sec
LEADING EDGE ANTI-ICE: Normal operating range 75-200 C
LEADING EDGE ANTI-ICE: Overheat range >200 C
LEADING EDGE ANTI-ICE: Control valve open/close 158-180 C
LEADING EDGE ANTI-ICE: Norm temp of anti-ice air 350 C
LEADING EDGE ANTI-ICE: Check leading edge altitude / temp >5000 ft MSL or < 20 C
FUEL DISTRIBUTION: Inboard / Outboard difference 500 LBS - 1000 LBS
FUEL DISTRIBUTION: Symmetrical Tank difference 1000 LBS
FUEL DISTRIBUTION: Wing to Wing difference 1500 LBS
FUEL DISTRIBUTION: External Tank difference 1000 LBS
FUEL DISTRIBUTION: Aux Tank difference No factor
FUEL DISTRIBUTION: Max Effort Fuel Load 6,200 LBS outboards, 23,500 LBS total in mains
FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE: Main tank pump pressure 15 – 24 psi
FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE: Aux & ext tank pump pressure 28 – 40 psi
FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE: Low fuel press light on 8.5 psi
FUEL SYSTEM PRESSURE: Aux & ext tank empty light 23 psi
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: O2 ports flight deck / total 6 / 10
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Fully serviced quantity 25 liters
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Low light on 2.5 liters on gage
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Press range (no flow) 270-455 psi
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Press range (continuous) 270-340 psi
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: # of life rafts / capacity 4 / 20 men
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Fire extinguishers 4
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Emergency lights illuminate -2.5g’s or ESS DC off
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: # of Emergency exit lights 8
OXYGEN AND LIFE SUPPORT: Portable oxygen bottles 4
ENGINE OIL PRESSURE: Max (start & warm-up) 100 psi
ENGINE OIL PRESSURE: Normal range / allowable flux 50-60 psi +/- 10 psi
ENGINE OIL PRESSURE: Minimum (LSGI) <50 psi if normal at 100%
ENGINE OIL PRESSURE: After negative G, monitor engine for 2 minutes
ENGINE OIL PRESSURE: After negative G, pressure should return within 10 seconds (if not do ESP)
ENGINE OIL PRESSURE: After negative G, loss of oil when? 30 to 90 seconds
GEARBOX OIL PRESSURE: Max (start & warm-up) >250 psi
GEARBOX OIL PRESSURE: Normal range / allowable flux 150-250 psi +/- 20 psi
GEARBOX OIL PRESSURE: Mission continuation 130 psi
GEARBOX OIL PRESSURE: Minimum (LSGI) range 50-250 psi
OIL TEMPERATURE: Max taxi & time 85-100 C / 30 min
OIL TEMPERATURE: Max in-flight & time 85-100 C / 5 min
OIL TEMPERATURE: Normal range 60-85 C
OIL TEMPERATURE: Oil Cooler flaps maintain 78-82 C
OIL TEMPERATURE: Minimum for takeoff 40 C and increasing
OIL TEMPERATURE: Minimum (start & warm-up) -40 C
OIL QUANTITY: Capacity range 4 to 12 gal
OIL QUANTITY: Expansion space 7.5 gal
OIL QUANTITY: Low light at 4 gal
OIL QUANTITY: Allowable burn rate 1 qt/hr (.25 gal/hr)
HYDRAULICS: Engine Pump Norm/Max 2900-3200 / 3500psi
HYDRAULICS: Aux & Emergency Norm/ Max 2900-3300 / 3500psi
HYDRAULICS: Shutdown if pressure over 3900 psi
HYDRAULICS: RPM for indication on speed
HYDRAULICS: RPM for norm press 30 sec after on speed
HYDRAULICS: LSGI minimum press 2550 psi
HYDRAULICS: Aileron boost pressure 2050 psi
HYDRAULICS: Low press light on / off 1000 psi / 1350 psi
HYDRAULICS: Suction boost light on 20 psi
HYDRAULICS: Norm - 2 brake app left 2900 - 3200 psi
HYDRAULICS: Norm – 1 brake app left 2250 psi
HYDRAULICS: Emergency – 1 brake app left 2900 psi
HYDRAULICS: Emergency accumulator preload 1000 +/- 100 psi
HYDRAULICS: Utility/Boost/brake preload 1500 +/- 100 psi
HYDRAULICS: Loss of sys press checklist <2500 psi
HYDRAULICS: Do not shut off pump if > 3450
HYDRAULICS: Flaps 0-15: norm/caution 1100-1400 / 1600 psi
HYDRAULICS: Flaps 15-100: norm/caution. 2900- 3200/ 3500 psi
HYDRAULICS: Fluid quantity on board 21 quarts (5 gal)
APU: Normal temp range 260-650 C
APU: Max EGT 650 C
APU: Normal RPM range 95% - 105%
APU: Max RPM 106%
APU: Stop switch 110%
APU: Starter cycle 1 min on, 4 min off
APU: Warm up 1 minute for bleed air load
APU: Start and operate below 20,000 MSL
APU: Door open ground / flight 35 deg / 15 deg
APU: APU fuel burn Approx 400 lbs/hr
PROPS: Prop brake disengage 23% or starter app
PROPS: Pitchlock range 25 - 55 deg
PROPS: Pitchlock RPM 103%
PROPS: In pitchlock, maintain RPM 96% - 98%
PROPS: To unlock pitchlock Increase 2 deg
PROPS: Lo pitch stop blade angle 23 deg
PROPS: Low pitch stop test >200 in-lbs increase
PROPS: Prop oil quantity (total) 26 quarts (6.5 gal)
PROPS: Prop oil sump capacity 6.5 quarts in press side
PROPS: Prop low oil light on at 2 quarts low in press side
PROPS: Torque to decouple -6000 in-lbs
PROPS: Prop aux pump limit 1 min on, 1 min off, not > 2 min in 30 min
PROPS: Static feather check time (R - F) 25 sec
PROPS: Pull out if not pop out in 6 sec
PROPS: Prop fail to feather, hold for 30 sec
PROPS: NTS operates at -1,260 +/- 600 in-lbs
PROPS: Blade angle in reverse -6 to -8 degrees
BLEED AIR: Diffuser air temp/press 600 F / 125 psi
BLEED AIR: Engine minimum out press (override) 70 psi
BLEED AIR: Ground check for engine 65–35 psi >= 16 sec
BLEED AIR: Ground check for APU 30–15 psi >= 16 sec
BLEED AIR: Regulated output (Norm) 40 - 50 psi
BLEED AIR: Regulators must be within 3 psi of each other
PRESSURIZATION: Gauge range -1.2 to 15.8” Hg
PRESSURIZATION: Safety valve open < -0.76 & > 15.9” Hg
PRESSURIZATION: Controller nominal press 15.16” Hg
PRESSURIZATION: Cockpit windshield cracked (1 or 2 panes) 10” Hg max
PRESSURIZATION: Cargo windshield cracked (1 pane) 10” Hg max
PRESSURIZATION: Cargo windshield cracked (2 panes) 0” Hg max
PRESSURIZATION: Rate controller min / max rates 30-200 / 1600-2900
PRESSURIZATION: Crew door jettison pressure < 3.1” Hg
PRESSURIZATION: Pressure to open pressure regulator valve 12 psi
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max airspeed (mach) 0.64 mach
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: T-storm penetration 65 + power off stall, not to exceed 180 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Windmill Taxi Start 100 KIAS until 4000 feet / 40%
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Flaps 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 /50 220/210/200/190/180
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Flaps 60/ 70 / 80 /90 /100 165/155/150/145/145
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Air deflector / troop door 150 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Wipers ineffective 180 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Troop door open / locked 250 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Crewdoor bailout 150 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Tire rotation (nose/main) 139 KGS / 174 KGS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Crosswind taxi norm/max 30 KIAS / 60 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Ditching 10 + stall w/full flaps
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max bank angle 60 degrees
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max bank angle w/flaps 45 degrees
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Lowest vertical clearance 5’ 9” (inboard prop)
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max speed w/ 60 degrees nose wheel 5 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max turn angle >=20 kgs 20 degrees max
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max speed/angle >= 155,000 lbs 10 KIAS / 20 degrees
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Angle of flaps at full 35 degrees
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Max reverse best at 60 to 90 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Hold / Instrument approach entry speed 170 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Inbound on approach speed 150 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Air Start with no NTS 130 KIAS below 5000’
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Recommend air start speed 180 KIAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Airspeed for prop malfunction 150 KTAS
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Elevator trim tab – electrical stop 6 degrees down / 25 degrees up
AIRSPEEDS AND ANGLES: Elevator trim tab – mechanical stop 8 degrees down / 27 degrees up
MISC: Temp for nacelle overheat 300 F
MISC: Temp for turbine overheat 700 F
MISC: # of nacelle/turbine overheat sensors 7 nacelle / 4 turbine
MISC: Acceleration bleed valve open below 94% RPM
MISC: Gear extension/retraction 19 seconds or less
MISC: Preheat eng & APU below -37 C
MISC: Cold WX Ops temperature <= 0 C (32 F)
MISC: Hot WX Ops temperature > 35 C (95 F)
MISC: Hot brake peak temperature time 1 to 5 minutes
MISC: Peak hot temperature in wheel/tire 20 to 30 min
MISC: Fusible plugs in tire melt 390 F degrees
MISC: Cold WX Ops: LSGI until oil temp 0 C degrees or more
MISC: Cold WX Ops: in ground idle until 40 C degrees oil temp
MISC: Underfloor heat temp 80 F
MISC: Start: prop rotation time 5 sec max
MISC: Start: Starter Valve light on in 5 seconds max (2-3 psi to open)
MISC: Start: Starter Valve light out in 15 seconds after start release
MISC: Seat inertial reel locks at 2 to 3 G’s
MISC: Pitot tubes for pilot / copilot 1 & 3 / 2 & 4
Created by: C130FE

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